February 1, 2017

The benefits of UFIT's Clean and Lean Challenge

We all want to eat tasty food and feel satisfied and happy. We want to be healthy, feel energetic, have a lean good looking body, be free of cravings and forget about counting calories. Most of all, we would like to avoid the guilt and the self-hatred feelings over the food consume. Feelings that prevent us from fully enjoying our meal can often lead us to making the wrong food choices.

That is why we created the Clean and Lean Challenge, which has been running successfully in Singapore for several years. It has helped thousands of people to change their lifestyle, achieve their personal goals and become healthier, happier and confident people.

The Clean and Lean programme is much more than a physical fitness programme to achieve your desired body goals. It is a major milestone towards a changed lifestyle. It will enhance the detoxing processes in your body, educate you about better ways of eating, provide better food choices for you and it will also help you become leaner.

Our most important guiding principles are to base our food intake on fresh products, as close as possible to other natural state. It includes lots of vegetables, good sources of proteins, good fats, limited carbohydrates and No refined sugar whatsoever. On top of that we encourage challenging yourself with physical activities that will help you to achieve your personal goals.  

The benefits of the Clean and Lean program are amazing. After overcoming sugar withdrawal symptoms and detoxing side effects such as tiredness, grumpiness and headaches, you will suddenly feel so much better.

You will start noticing changes in your wellbeing and appearances:

  1. Your sugar and insulin levels will be more balanced - Drastic changes in the blood sugar levels are caused by excessive consumption of carbohydrates, which in turn are responsible for our food cravings, drops in energy and mood swings. At first, when we reduce our carbohydrates intake, we might feel tired, hungry and grumpy, but after a few days once the sugar levels are low and the body has the opportunity and ability to use fat storage to create energy, all the symptoms will have disappeared.

  2. Your hunger level will be reduced and you will have less and less cravings - You will control your food intake and the food will not control you!

  3. You will have much more energy throughout the day - Stabilised energy all day long, without massive energy drops and need for stimulants.

  4. You will have more energy during your training sessions - Once your body is trained to create energy from fat storage, it can do it faster and more efficiently, prolonging long term energy throughout your training sessions.

  5. You will feel more balanced emotionally - Mood swings are often affected by our sugar ups and downs. At the beginning of the process, the limited carbs might create low serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter responsible for our happiness. However, when your body gets used to lower sugar consumption you will experience much more balanced emotional state.

  6. Your weight will drop - At the beginning of the process your weight loss will be mainly due to loss of  fluids, as carbs are attracting fluids. After few days you will experience real weight loss and mostly from fat storage.

  7. You will lose body fat and become leaner - once insulin levels drop the body will burn fat to create energy. We aim to lose body fat as opposed to losing body mass.   

  8. You will notice that your skin is clearer and your eyes brighter and whiter - You might experience some skin rashes during the detox period, but once this phase is over your skin and eyes will shine.

  9. You will experience improvement in your blood lipids and blood pressure - lower triglycerides, higher HDL cholesterol for example.

  10. You will learn more about your body - The clean diet will help you eliminate foods that are suspected to cause indigestion, gassy stomach, heartburn or any other problems. It is a good way to learn which foods suits you the best.

Finally, joining our Clean and Lean programme you will meet great people and form supportive team, sharing ideas, recipes, difficulties and achievements. This will help you to be accountable and stay on course, and eventually achieve your goals.  


Noa has been practicing as a Clinical Nutritionist for the last ten years. Her specialties include weight loss, Celiac disease, digestive system problems and metabolic diseases.

Noa focuses on providing the right moral support for all her clients, combined with a customised nutritional program. Through this, Noa assists her clients to change their lives for the best – improving their health, energy levels, sleep, and overall wellbeing. 

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For more information for UFITs Nutrition programs get in touch with us here. Join our next Clean & Lean Challenges that we run 5 times a year providing you with the opportunity to change your healthy habits into a lifestyle.

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