May 24, 2016


Let’s be real.

Bootcamp has a bit of a bad rep.

Historically bootcamps are synonymous with pain and intensity.

Think of a bootcamp and it conjures up endless images gleaned from countless weight loss-transformation-pseudo-fitness-competition-reality-tv-shows; some poor soul being forced to push their body to or even beyond its physical limits and pain threshold, while being screamed at/borderline verbally abused by some ridiculously fit and militant, “celebrity” trainer.

And If you google Bootcamp this is what you will find:-

boot camp


noun: bootcamp

A military training camp for new recruits with very harsh discipline

  • A prison for young offenders, run on military lines.
  • A short, intensive, and rigorous course of training.

“A gruelling, late-summer boot camp for would-be football players.”

“Harsh”, “discipline”, “military”, “intensive”, “rigorous”, “gruelling”, “training” – What the capital F?! The combination of those words just equate to torture.

If I was a fitness newbie and my exercise level was beginner absolutely nothing in that definition is going to seem very appealing, or sound much like fun-town to me.

Generally, as a normal self-preserving human being, I would want to avoid painful, rigorous training, and any forms of harsh discipline – unless it’s coming at me in an Armani suit worn by a man with a last name like “Grey”, and first name like “Christian”.

So what is the deal-io with our UFIT Bootcamps?

Very simply put; UFIT Bootcamps are outdoor group fitness classes.

Emphasis on outdoor, emphasis on group, emphasis on fitness.

Hence, if you like nature, people, and exercise you would be quite easy to sell to.

“But Citira, what if I don’t like nature, or people, or exercise? Why should I do an OZFIT UFIT BOOTCAMP?”

If you don’t like nature; you aren’t spending enough time in it.

We live in a beautiful world!

Spending time outside under blue skies, bathed in golden rays of sunshine, surrounded by leafy trees, and lush jungle greenery is not only good for the body, but great for the soul.

Training outside is wildly different to exercising indoors.

Firstly I refer to it as “training” because I believe the human body wasn’t designed to learn, and adapt to movement inside a standard man-made artificial gym. I believe that the human body was designed to move, adapt and “train” to survive in its natural surroundings. Training outdoors you will have to navigate terrain and conditions that can’t be simulated in a turn-style gym.

With the guidance of our expert Coaches you will learn to move, strengthen, and co-ordinate your body in an endless variety of ways using the landscape around you.

Outside of the physiological benefits, the psychological plus sides are 10 fold, for instance;-

Do you know how it feels see a sunrise or sunset after a challenging training session?

The sense of awe, connection, and triumph you feel knowing you began or finished this day by moving your body.

If you don’t like people you have yet to experience the power of an amazing support network.

Bootcamps are about group fitness, and group fitness is about interacting with other people.

It’s about being guided, motivated, supported, and inspired – not just by one of our super talented and friendly Coaches, but by the incredible energy, and positive vibes generated by other community members in our bootcamp classes.

Even as a Coach I experience compound interest on my energy investment into my sessions. Your vibe attracts your tribe, and good vibes can spread like wildfire in a UFIT Bootcamp. The more you put into it the more you get out of it.

People primarily come to our bootcamps because they have a desire to achieve a fitness goal, but we witness people achieving those goals not just because of their commitment to training, but because of the supportive social culture provided by the Coaches and the community. We don’t just offer awesome, effective workouts; UFIT Bootcamps will give you support, camaraderie and accountability inside and outside of your sessions.

“Okay Citira, you’ve sold me on nature and people. But I still don’t like exercise. I know I need it, I want to try it, but I’m not as young/light/fit as I used to be, should I still bootcamp?”

Yes – If you can move your body you can bootcamp!

We cater to all levels of fitness, and we program variations, modifications, regressions and progressions of movement patterns into our sessions to ensure you are getting an effective workout within your range of fitness. Simply put; not all squats, push-ups and burpees are equal. There are ways to alter and scale these exercises to make them the right level for you.

Now I will always stress that if you have not exercised for quite some time, and you have any health concerns it is important that you consult with your GP before embarking on any new fitness regimen.

But remember, your body is only as young, light and fit as you want it to be.

If you want to get fitter – you need to move your body.

If you want to get leaner – you need to move your body.

If you want to get stronger – you need to move your body.

Without a doubt bootcamps will have you moving your body, but a UFIT Bootcamps will have you moving your body – AND LOVING IT!

UFIT Bootcamps will get you fitter, leaner and stronger.

Don’t believe the hype? Find out for yourself and come join us for a free trial session today!

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Article by Citira Corrigan

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