May 23, 2016

We decided to re-enact Operation Jaywick from WW2 on its 70th year anniversary.

In a moment of madness I decided to sign up with few friends to re-enact Operation Jaywick from WW2 on its 70th year anniversary, the trip will be 4-7th September 2013.

For an outline of what this amazingly bold and gutsy operation was here is a link: Also, here is a small video featuring some of the other guys doing the trip, to give you an idea of how athletic we are and an introduction into the trip.

UFIT – Following Footsteps Operations Jaywick Documentary

For those that know my medical history- knee reconstructions, shoulder rebuilds, weak wrists and some comedy nose ops and the fact I am very tall makes 4 days of sea kayaking at stretches of 5-6 hours at a time will be no mean feat. Also worth taking note is my particular fondness for aircon, food, and a soft mattress – as we will be camping for 3 nights on the Indonesian islands en route to Singapore, and using Army ration packs for food, which is what the Z Special Unit forces used for the trip.

We hope to make our trip as authentic as possible to the original operation with only 3 things differ for safety reasons: 1- Water rations. We will be allowed to take more water than the original journey. 2- We will be kayaking during the day, as opposed to the night as the waterways are far busier these days 3- We wont be dodging the Japanese with guns, although quite a few people have volunteered to play that roll.

We have set ourselves the ambitious target of raising usd$122,000. This will be split evenly between the UK Charity Help the Heroes , and the Australian Prostate Cancer Charity.

For any doubters out there that think we will kayak then jump on board a luxury gin palace for a nap and some dinner, our trip will be filmed by the History Channel and available for viewing as a documentary in the future and therefore making sure we stick to the rules. So, the point of this message is an appeal for donations. Any amount you are able to contribute would be greatly appreciated, your money will go directly to the charities and will not be funding the trip

Help the Heroes page:

Australian Prostrate Cancer page:

Thank you for taking the time to read the appeal, and I hope you view it as a worthwhile cause. Regards James Forrester

Operation Jaywick – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Operation Jaywick was a special operation undertaken in World War II. In September 1943, 14 commandos and sailors from the Z Special Unit raided Japanese shipping in Singapore Harbour, sinking seven ships.

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