May 23, 2016

Unlimited Bootcamp Packages.

We’ve answered your bootcamp prayers and re introduced to UFIT and introduced to OZFIT Unlimited packages which are the most cost effective way to attend any class you want. On average our stats show that most come 3 x a week to our classes so this turns out to be amazing value by making classes only:

$13 per class or $14 per class ($160per/month and $175per/month options.

In addition you will be able to include extra specialty classes into your regime such as Yogafit, Runfit, Quickfit and Boxfit at no extra cost.  We’ve also expanded our timetable to add more of your favourite and our most popular classes giving you more options and variety than ever.

If you are looking for serious improvements in your fitness performance and marked changes in your physique, this is the program for you to up the anti or for those of you who just can’t survive without your daily dose of boot camp (we have plenty of you in this boat!). While you’ll see great results attending boot camp  1-2 days per week, we find our participants see the most changes when they attend 3 per week.  When attending an average of 3 days per week, you pay just $13 per class, and if you attend up to 5 days per week, it’s only $8 per class. You don’t need to be an expert to figure out that consistency is pretty essential to successfully changing your life, your health, and your weight. It’s also pretty clear that building a consistent routine of regular exercise and healthy eating is not an easy thing to do without having that commitment. Instead of having great intentions and working out like gangbusters for weeks then miss a few, then go full throttle again, if you put an inconsistent effort in, then your chances to change are slim. Your trainers and your workout friends give you that accountability too and your health, fitness, lifestyle and happiness are their #1 priority

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