May 23, 2016

UFIT Video Blog Episode 5: Contrast Training Method.

Hey, Guys!

In today’s episode, we will showcase Nathan our PT manager using the contrast training method for his upper body push.

Watch the video below as Dean explains more.

For those of you are are unsure on what contrast training is about, this are some of the benefits of this method of training;-

Increased motor-unit recruitment
• Enhanced motor-unit synchronization
• Greater input to the motor neuron
• Decreases in presynaptic inhibition

Or, to keep it simple, your nervous system supercharges itself by throwing more motor units — muscle fibers and the nerves that activate them — into the job, and by taking off the brakes that would ordinarily inhibit an expression of all-out power.

How to Use Contrast Training

The key to making contrast training work for you is to create a genuine contrast between the two exercises you’re doing for each movement pattern. You want to use enough weight on the strength exercise to develop strength, and you want to perform the second exercise with as much explosive power as you can. Each rep of that contrast exercise should be a maximal effort.

Think of getting 80% of 1RM for about 15-30 seconds time under tension followed by 10 reps of explosive movements.

Focus on the concentric part of the lift and control the eccentric portion of the movement.

Give it a shot in your next training program!

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