May 23, 2016

UFIT Video Blog Ep.1: Spinal Awareness during Training.

Do you have back pain or have trouble with the back during training?

In the 2 part video, our first blog today is to highlight the importance of spinal awareness and spinal positioning during training.

The common mistake we see with a lot of trainees and even coaches is that they do not cue , coach and correct poor spinal positions during exercise and this can be hazardous during exercise especially with a flexed lumbar spine while being loaded , for example in the Deadlift.
This simple drill will help you understand what a neutral spine should look and feel like.

Sometimes, we encounter clients with poor posture who do not even understand how to move the spine segmentally. Therefore, the way to coach this is from a quadruped position. It is the safest and most basic way of re-learning how to move the spine into flexion and extension and the hips in an anterior and posterior tilt.

In the second installment, Dean will show you how you can alleviate backaches through simple soft tissue work and mobilization drills. Stay tuned!

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