May 23, 2016

UFIT Coaches Paul and Sarah win big Asian Crossfit Challenge - 6th February, 2014.

Massive congrats to UFIT coaches Paul and Sarah who won a massive partner Crossfit challenge up in Bangkok last weekend, they did not just win they smashed it! Keep and eye out for these guys in the Crossfit games this year in Asia, they have been working seriously hard in the last few months and will certainly give some of the other competitors something to worry about this year!

If you want to train with the champs join their Friday night Throwdown session at the UFIT Studio Friday evenings at 6pm. Free trial for first timers!

Here is a list of challenges and results;



Teams 12min time cap, males start:

500m row

50 thrusters (20kg male/15kg female)

+ alternating AMRAP of Cindy:

5 pull-ups


15 air squats

Cindy score to count: we got 179, 2nd place 154, 3rd 96


Teams 12min time cap, females start:

10 DB snatches (10kg female/17.5kg male)

20 T2B

30 D/Us

Total reps: we got 438, 2nd place 408, 3rd 383


Teams 12min time cap, males start:


Deadlift (75kg male/45kg female)

Lateral burpee over bar

+ maximum wall balls in remaining time

Wall ball score to count: 1st place 203, we got 183, 3rd no idea!!


1st (us!) 803

2nd 765


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