May 24, 2016

UFIT Clean & Lean: David Phillips.

When your friend wins the previous UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge, and tells you to enter the next one with him, you know it must be good!

In March 2015, Alex Sinclair entered the UFIT Clean and Lean Challenge and lost 4.14% body fat and 6.1kg in 28 days!  His results were clearly visible to his mates who wanted to know “how did he do it??”  Staying of the beer…. for 1

David Phillips is currently taking part in the challenge and seeing an amazing transformation already with 1 week left to go on the program.

We sat down with David to get his insight into the challenge so far:

Why did you enter the challenge
I wanted to lose weight and do something different with my time – and to kick start a healthier lifestyle.

How have you been enjoying the bootcamps?  Any particular favourite?

I have really been enjoying the  Fort Canning UFIT sessions. And now I have discovered them I  will continue to attend twice a week moving forward.
Your are also doing PT with Coach Lawrence.  What is your training schedule like?
Lawrence is a good guy – I’ve seen him twice, doing a 3rd this week – I will continue to see him once a week.  He is tough but is pushing me hard….

Can you see positive changes in your life already from entering the challenge and attending bootcamps?
Yes!  The positive changes are loss of weight of course. And not spending a lot of my time in the pub.  I am  now doing sport at the weekend and I have an increased amount of energy!

How have you been finding the nutrition plan?

I have found the nutrition plan pretty easy to stick to and quite varied.  The recipes from the UFIT Clean & Lean Recipe book have been really tasty too.  I will continue with a low darn diet once this is over, especially during the week and will keep the booze to once per week as well.

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