May 23, 2016

Stars of The Month - December, 2014.

Kate Hutchinson

“When a friend first introduced me to Ozfit just over a year ago I was worried! I wasn’t quite sure I was there in terms of my fitness and had the dread of ‘how will I keep up’! My fears were quickly laid to rest during my first session at Fort Canning and I can say with ease I absolutey love Ozfit! Even on those mornings when you are faced with the Fort Canning stairs (my Everest!) it’s the diversity of the classes, the brilliant instructors, the beautiful surroundings and that feeling of accomplishment after every class that sets Ozfit apart from other boot camps in Singapore. No one class is the same, which is one of the things I love most. It’s never a hard hitting approach & even though the sessions are group ones the instructors always make them feel very personal to you. A very special shout out goes to Dave and Lisa! Both could see which areas I needed to work on & slowly pushed me onwards and upwards during every session.  Two exceptionally inspiring & motivating instructors who always rock up to classes full of smiles and encouragement, which for me personally  has been instrumental in my goal to getting fit again and both have given me the tools to continue on my fitness journey!”

Ravi Balasubramanian

“UFIT provides the perfect blend that I need to keep myexercise schedule exciting and challenging on an ongoing basis- a variety of class types and styles with different trainers,  the outdoor setting in great venues across Singapore and most important of all, the element of healthy competition and push induced by a group environment. I started with UFIT over 3 months ago and it has complemented my marathon training very well indeed. Critically, UFIT has enabled me to break the monotony which had set into my earlier indoor gym based exercise schedule. While my cardio level was probably above average even before I joined UFIT, I have been pushed to do new routines and work on muscles groups that I had ignored for a long time and I can see appreciable improvement in my overall conditioning level”


Kudos to the fantastic team of trainers at UFIT that always finds a way to motivate and push each and every one, regardless of fitness level, to the limit and beyond. And  maintaining a positive and light hearted environment through it all. It doesn’t matter if the class size is 3 or 30 people, the experience is always great and there is always something new and unexpected that keeps me motivated and on my toes. I look forward to continue sweating it out with UFIT in 2015 and beyond!

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