May 23, 2016

Photos of Learn & Share - October, 2013.

On Saturday we had a fantastic day of learning, sharing and training at the UFIT Studio with the whole UFIT Team and 35 eager participants. We put on the following sessions as well as lunch and even a DJ!

1. Kettlebells – Coach Becky
2. SAQ & plyometrics – Coach Paul
3. Boxing – Coach Akmal and Coach lawrence
4. Bootcamp – Coach Donnar
5. Olympic lifting – Coach Holly k
6. MetCon AMRAP – Coach Sarah
7. Run club – Coach Stephen

We then had talks from the following people;

Coach Becky – Nutrition – Are you addicted to sugar?
Coach Stephen – Mechanisms of pain
Coach Dan C – UFIT Bootcamp
Dr Soo Yong Chua – Back health
Coach Dean – New UFIT Class – UFIT Play

Thanks for coming and you can download the photos here;

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