May 23, 2016

Marketing Manger Profile - Vanessa Murray.

Vanessa joined us in July last year after taking some time off work after the arrival of her baby boy, Jock. She is new to the world of fitness but not to marketing! She brings the luxe to sportluxe, coming to us from Vogue and GQ Australia. From catwalks to Burpees, and Prada to plyos she has immersed herself into bootcamp life.

Vanessa tells us she is identifies with many of you. Having never done any bootcamps before, she has a new found addiction to fitness and bootcamp life. “It has changed my life, and I genuinely miss days that I don’t sweat it out in the beautiful Botanic Gardens. Maybe one day I will win the award at the Christmas party for most improved! Being part of this team and promoting a business that helps change people’s lives for the better, brings so much joy and accomplishment to me. Living abroad can be hard, but it is made so much easier, when you have found a community of people that you enjoy having fun with every day!”

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