May 23, 2016

Why you need to know about Fast Twitch Fibres!

Fast Twitch Fibres are what? They are one of the 3 fibre types we find in our muscle structure. Slow Twitch, type I (aka oxidative being fibres that use oxygen during contraction/extension) and Fast Twitch(FT) type IIa and IIb. These FT fibres predominantly use glycogen (carbohydrate/sugar) as an energy supply for contraction/extension. FT fibres are also the type that make us go, well, fast!

Previously I have stated that fast cardio work is the most valuable type of work you can do for weight management (note I say weight management and not fat-burning…..). This is due to the presence of Growth Hormone in our endocrinal profile when we are working in this fashion as opposed to cortisol when we are doing slow, labourious cardio work.

I was watching my UFIT crew going through their paces Wednesday a.m. and after Lloyd had finished telling me my posts are too long and don’t have pictures, I realised I also needed to tell you all about why we do all that explosive speed stuff with the flexbands.

Generally we are all eating way too much carbohydrate and generally it’s poor quality CHO at that (think white rice, white bread, white pasta – yes, I’m a racist!). In effect we are generally ALWAYS in fat-storage mode. Shocking? We eat so much of this poor quality CHO that our bodies are flat out trying to process it, all the time. And if we are always sitting eating or sitting working, guess what?? Yep, STORING!!!

A great way to burn that sugar is utilising the FT fibres in our muscles with speed and power workJust like the stuff we do in every UFIT session! Is it any wonder our Ufitters look so lean and fit (just a casual observation when seeing 1 or 2 other groups around the place…) and manage to get through so much quality work every session?? Hahaha, go UFIT!


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