May 23, 2016

Weight Management

Since I have been discussing weight loss it has had me thinking. I guess I really should amend that to weight management. There is a very good reason for this. What is optimum weight? There are various calculations people over the years have proposed as being able to estimate an individuals optimum weight but as hard as I try I can’t be convinced by any of them. Why? We’re all too individual for any one equation to fit us all. Science is littered with ridiculous equations people have proposed for various outcomes. Think your maximal heart rate or HRmax as being as easy as 220-your age. I mean, please??? I’m not even going to argue why it is so pathetic and certainly not interested in debating something as so completely braindead as Polar using it as the basis of their equations in their heart rate monitors – Come On!! Lol.

So for me to be focussing on weight loss is wrong, as it is for you. We should all be focussing on weight management. Why? Our bodies innately know what our weights should be and our bodies will find that weight if we treat it with respect. Respect. Please, seriously, think about that for a moment. I meet a lot of people regularly who tell me they need to lose weight and really need to lose weight NOW!

“But I can still drink right? I mean, I have to entertain for my job! I have to go out and spend late nights entertaining so I have to still drink alcohol. Plus I am so busy I simply have to eat fast-food sometimes and if it wasn’t for the coffee I couldn’t get through the day! I have a BIG job so I have con-calls in the morning and at night and that cuts into my time as well……it’s going to be hard I think!!”

A typical scenario and lots of reasons why people can take solace from the fact they can’t lose weight. The reality is with some simple fixes, weight will melt away. How? You have to know why some carbs are bad and will always add weight and some carbs are your friends and will never add weight. You need to know why we eat too many calories and are always in storage mode and how to break that cycle. You need to know why our hormones dictate all of the above and how we can positively influence our hormones with food and exercise. You need to stop listening to rubbish perpetuated in the mass media, usually derived from questionable sources and find reliable information and start using simple steps to begin your own action plan for weight management. And yes, that involves talking to UFIT!!

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