May 23, 2016

UFIT Run - 8th February, 2011.

Last night’s unofficial theme at UFIT Run was, “Beat the Trainer” as I went along and joined in the fun with Selly taking the session. And the Team took it on-board with very competitive runs all through the hour. Simon Myers again broke his record on Big Monster, powering out early and dropping us all as he sped to a 4min 21sec record shaving 2 secs off his previous PB!! He also grabbed the 3rd place TT on Hill St Blues after dropping the Trainer at the top of the stairs….. Anne Morgan ran strongly all night and secured third place outright on Monster after sharing it with Courtney Sherwood for several weeks. In fact Anne ran several PB’s last night and she has been consistently dropping her PB’s on all runs this year. Last night she set 3 new PB’s and equalled another! Patrick Donaldson started the session like he meant business by blasting around Stairway to Heaving in 1min 18sec and almost immediately “beating the Trainer” but not quite as I managed to draw with him at the last step! His time was enough for him to grab a share of 3rd place TT!! In the performance of the night,Daryl Harding ran 5 PB’s!! His runs on Main St and the Vexing Hex the highlights running in second place in both runs. Daryl is going from strength to strength and he is able to gauge his progress by participating in UFIT Run on a regular basis  Lastly and on any other night, Hetul Patel would have grabbed that accolade after he also smashed out 5 PB’s!! He did have a dns for Hill St but nevertheless ran as well as he ever has a Run and put down some great times, well done to him! All TT’s can be found on the UFIT Website –

Stairway to Heaving Patrick 0:01:18 Darren 0:01:18 Hetul 0:01:26 Simon 0:01:28 Daryl 0:01:32 Anne 0:01:49; Main Street Darren 0:03:08 Daryl 0:03:13 Simon 0:03:15 Patrick 0:03:36 Hetul 0:03:38 Anne 0:03:48; No Picnic at Raffles Darren 0:01:34 Patrick 0:01:35 Simon 0:01:38 Daryl 0:01:43 Hetul 0:01:50 Anne 0:01:56; Hill St Blues Simon 0:02:36 Darren 0:02:42 Patrick 0:03:04 Daryl 0:03:13 Anne 0:03:34 Hetul dns; The Hexing VexDarren 0:01:49 Daryl 0:01:53 Simon 0:02:00 Hetul 0:02:06 Patrick 0:02:20 Anne 0:02:26; Big Monster Simon 0:04:21 Darren 0:04:47 Anne 0:05:09 Patrick 0:05:17 Hetul 0:05:26 Daryl 0:05:31

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