May 23, 2016

UFIT Run - 7th December, 2010.

WOW!! Life does indeed begin at 40!! Last night at UFIT Run there were 3 members (well, 2 plus me, I decided I’d have a go last night). Collective age of the 3 of us, 133 years so an average age of more than 44. We posted the third, fourth and eighth fastest TET’s ever plus Simon Myers ran into history by collecting the quickest time ever on the Big Monsta! David Hug picked up 2 thirds and grabbed another third by himself after temporarily sharing third with Neil Dyball on Hill St Blues.

Probably the most interesting stat to come out of the night was we completed the 6 runs in exactly 1 hour, including warm up. The average time for a session is 1 hour 15 mins so not only were we quick on the runs we were quick between runs as well.

Simon was absolutely delighted post run on Monsta as were David and I. We smashed it around the course, Simon could hear out footsteps right behind him and after propping the field up on the shorter anaerobic runs was determined to win the one truly aerobic run out of the 6.

But hang on there’s more! Both David and Simon over the last weekend had big events. Simon ran a 1hr45min for the half marathon at the StanChart here in Singapore whereas David went up into Malaysia and ran a competitive 28 km jungle run!!! And got 10th out of 100!!! I was absolutely amazed to hear of these 2 guys, in their 40’s, running hard, fast events and then backing up and doing UFIT Run AND posting such great times. You guys are awesome, seriously!

So what a session, my legs are sore this morning but in a really good way. Thank you to Simon and David for bringing A-games last night, we had a really great session together!

BTW there was no Run last week due to poor weather so no post for that. Here are last night’s times, TET’s for the Men follow, Top Times click here! –

Stairway to Heaving Darren B 0:01:23 David H 0:01:24 Simon 0:01:31; Main StreetDavid H 0:02:59 Darren B 0:03:04 Simon 0:03:08; No Picnic at Raffles Darren B 0:01:32 David H 0:01:35 Simon 0:01:40; Hill St Blues Darren B 0:02:36 David H 0:02:38 Simon 0:02:40; The Hexing Vex Darren B 0:01:52 David H 0:01:54 Simon 0:02:01; Big (kinda) Monster Simon 0:04:26 David H 0:04:33 Darren B 0:04:33

Top Ten TET’s – Male

1 Chris 0:14:48 26.10.10; 2 Perks 0:14:54 17.06.10; 3 Darren 0:15:00 07.12.10; 4 David H 0:15:03 07.12.10; 5 Chris 0:15:14 29.07.10; 6 Axe 0:15:20 26.10.10; 7 David H 0:15:2523.11.10; 8 Simon 0:15:26 07.12.10; 9 Perks 0:15:27 01.07.10; 10 Patrick 0:15:3517.06.10

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