May 23, 2016

UFIT Run - 29th March & 5th April, 2011.

Oops a bit late with both of these….sorry guys! The last UFIT Run of March saw a FREE session and slightly bigger numbers as a result! 8 Ufitters tearing it up, as always! A really great session ensued with 3 different guys winning 2 runs each, Patrick Donaldson storming “Stairway” to begin with in 1min 17!! Hetul Patel ran a close 2nd and in the women’s side of things Gabby Kelly ran a strong 1min 41! The second run, “Main St” saw Patrick again dominate with Simon Myers getting in second and Daryl Harding emerging from the pack for third! Gabby again won the womens section and she would go on to win all 6 runs! The third run, No Picnic at Raffles, Daryl took out as he did The Vexing Hex. Hill St Blues and the long run of the night, Big Monster belonged to Simon! In fact Simon yet again, lowered his record on Big Monster, shaving a further second off his record to have it now standing at 4min 19sec! Outstanding! Well done on the night also to Anita DowneyQuill PotterLisa McWilliams! Lisa was on debut, giving Run a crack and did really well! Anita ran 4 strong runs with times as good as ever, but Run bit back on the last 2! And Quill for the first time went under 2mins for Stairway and under 3mins for Vexing! Great session team!

Tuesday the 5th saw Hetul Patel take a big spill going down the stairs on Stairway to Heaving, landing on his hands and continuing on! Legendary! On a wet evening where fast times were not possible, 4 Ufitters for this edition nevertheless Patrick Donaldson was ON FIRE!! Five wins out of 6!! Simon Myers not being denied on his specialty run Big Monster! Anita Downey contributing some good times as she always does!

Here we go –


Stairway to Heaving Patrick 0:01:17 Hetul 0:01:20 Simon 0:01:29 Daryl 0:01:29 Gabby 0:01:41 Anita 0:01:50 Quill 0:01:56 Lisa 0:02:01; Main Street Patrick 0:03:09 Simon 0:03:15 Daryl 0:03:29 Hetul 0:03:50 Gabby 0:04:05 Anita 0:04:34 Lisa 0:04:35 Quill 0:04:58; No Picnic at Raffles Daryl 0:01:31 Patrick 0:01:34 Simon 0:01:39 Hetul 0:01:43 Gabby 0:02:01 Quill 0:02:13 Anita 0:02:17 Lisa 0:02:18; Hill St Blues Simon 0:02:33 Patrick 0:02:42 Hetul 0:02:59 Daryl 0:03:16 Gabby 0:03:45 Anita 0:03:52 Lisa 0:04:13 Quill 0:04:17; The Hexing Vex Daryl 0:01:51 Patrick 0:02:01 Simon 0:02:02 Hetul 0:02:18 Gabby 0:02:25 Quill 0:02:40 Lisa 0:02:49 Anita 0:03:03; Big Monster Simon 0:04:19 Patrick 0:04:42 Daryl 0:06:04 Gabby 0:06:29 Lisa 0:07:09 Anita 0:07:32 Quill 0:07:45 Hetul dns


Stairway to Heaving Patrick 0:01:37 Hetul 0:01:42 Simon 0:01:44 Anita 0:02:01; Main Street Patrick 0:03:12 Simon 0:03:24 Hetul 0:03:37 Anita 0:04:28; No Picnic at RafflesPatrick 0:01:32 Simon 0:01:46 Hetul 0:01:48 Anita 0:02:23; Hill St Blues Patrick 0:02:39 Simon 0:02:51 Hetul 0:03:07 Anita 0:03:52; The Hexing Vex Patrick 0:01:59 Simon 0:02:04 Hetul 0:02:17 Anita 0:03:01; Big Monster Simon 0:04:23 Patrick 0:04:31 Hetul 0:05:51 Anita 0:07:21

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