May 23, 2016

UFIT Run - 22nd March, 2011.

After a non-event last week UFIT Run was back in action with 4 Ufitters and a Trainer trying to keep up! It was Grant (Axe) Rawlinson’s last UFIT Run before he heads off in a couple of weeks for his attempt on Everest. He swept the field in the first 5 runs but the champion of the Big Monster, Simon Myers denied him a 6-sweep by taking out the last!

After some rain during the day, the slippery surface meant records would not fall last night but some very good times were posted nevertheless. Anita Downey-Parry ran hard all night achieving 6 PB’s including beating her Hill St PB by 11 seconds and her Big Monster time by a whopping 40 seconds!! And remember this was on a slippery surface!

Quill Potter continues to improve his running on every outing and then there was me……lol. Poor effort, I think I was laughing too much at Axe’s attempts to cheat Selina!

All in all an excellent session last night, well done to everyone! The Top Times are here and the times for last night are as follows. By the way if you have never done UFIT Run, the session next week WILL BE FREE!! Yes no one that does UFIT Run next week will be charged a session (this includes members and non-members alike) so put it on your schedule now!! –

Stairway to Heaving Axe 0:01:36 Simon 0:01:40 Darren 0:01:46 Anita 0:01:57 Quill 0:02:20; Main Street Axe 0:03:11 Darren 0:03:17 Simon 0:03:22 Anita 0:04:47 Quill 0:04:54; No Picnic at Raffles Axe 0:01:36 Darren 0:01:36 Simon 0:01:46 Anita 0:02:15 Quill 0:02:32; Hill St Blues Axe 0:02:51 Simon 0:02:53 Darren 0:03:08 Anita 0:03:58 Quill 0:04:11; The Hexing Vex Axe 0:01:55 Darren 0:01:58 Simon 0:02:06 Anita 0:02:51 Quill 0:03:05; Big Monster Simon 0:04:23 Axe 0:04:46 Darren 0:05:00 Anita 0:06:58 Quill 0:07:22

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