May 23, 2016

UFIT Run - 21st December, 2010.

UFIT Run #25 took place last night with a sharp downpour just prior to the commencement of the session meaning really fast times were doomed……and so wasAdam Deutsch’s first run as whilst leading the guys down into the tunnel prior to the circular stairs his feet went horizontal in front of him and he landed smack on his back. The 2 other Runners last night, after carefully checking his condition with, “you alright’s” as they sped past, continued on and ran pretty good times……well done debutant Jamie Booth and UFIT Run regular Patrick Donaldson. I think. Lol. Adam peeled himself off the path and jogged to the top. But I knew he was itching for another crack at it so with Patrick pacing him they both took off and Adam then proceeded to run the best time of the night on “Heaving” with a 1min25. Patrick also bettered his first time!

There were subsequently no Top Times nor any top 10 Total Elapsed Times run. For the record all 3 guys recorded 2 wins each. Adam and Patrick had one second place and 3 thirds whilst Jamie got 4 seconds with his 2 firsts making him Mr Consistent last night, on debut!

As usual you can check out the Top Times on the UFIT website and here are last nights times –

Stairway to Heaving Adam 0:01:25 Jamie B 0:01:31 Patrick 0:01:31; Main Street Jamie B 0:03:12 Patrick 0:03:25 Adam 0:03:51; No Picnic at Raffles Adam 0:01:32 Jamie B 0:01:35 Patrick 0:01:38; Hill St Blues Patrick 0:02:44 Jamie B 0:02:51 Adam 0:03:24; The Hexing Vex Jamie B 0:02:02 Adam 0:02:05 Patrick 0:02:07; Big Monster Patrick 0:04:41 Jamie B 0:05:23 Adam 0:06:07

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