March 2, 2011

UFIT Run - 1st March, 2011.

The FUN resumed Tuesday after a cancelled session last week and man, did the Team bring the PAIN! It was a highly competitive session and for this reason alone I can’t understand why more of our type-A’s at UFIT aren’t rocking up to have a go? Race against other fit people, get fitter, have fun and achieve a huge sense of accomplishment after scoring a PB or 2, or a Top Time or 2!!

Before I go any further an apology! Back on the 18th of January, Adam Deutsch ran a 1min 28 on No Picnic at Raffles (the day Axe ran a record equalling 1min 25). His time was not placed on the TT’s, it now is, sorry maaaate!

So back to Tuesday, 5 ROCK-STARS turned up and did the business! And what close racing it turned out to be! The star of the show, mountain-man Axe Rawlinson etched his name into the record books with an equal 3rd TT at Main St and an equal 2nd TT at Hill St Blues.

But that wasn’t the only story, not by a margin! On Stairway to Heaving Hetul Pateland Patrick Donaldson were right on Axe’s heals with equal 1min 23’s! Interestingly Patrick has run a 1min18 on this run  But for Hetul it was a PB by 3 seconds! Hetul is a self-confessed non-stairs runner but he PB’ed not only at Stairway but also at his UFIT Run nemesis Hill St Blues where he sub-3’ed (2min 59) for the first time!

Completing the quintet Tuesday were Run stalwarts Simon Myers and Anne Morgan. As usual these 2 hard runners put in top efforts all around Fort, Simon failing by just 2 seconds to equal his own record TT on Big Monster.

So that was UFIT Run for another week, want to have a go?? It really is fun and it really is hard work so if you need a shot of adrenaline to your workout routine, come try UFIT Run! You can find our list of Top Times here, the times for Tuesday as follows –

Stairway to Heaving Axe 0:01:20 Hetul 0:01:23 Patrick 0:01:23 Simon 0:01:30 Anne 0:02:46; Main Street Axe 0:02:59 Patrick 0:03:02 Simon 0:03:17 Hetul 0:03:37 Anne 0:03:55; No Picnic at Raffles Axe 0:01:29 Simon 0:01:33 Patrick 0:01:38 Hetul 0:01:44 Anne 0:01:58; Hill St Blues Axe 0:02:33 Simon 0:02:35 Patrick 0:02:42 Hetul 0:02:59 Anne 0:03:56; The Hexing Vex Patrick 0:01:48 Axe 0:01:51 Simon 0:01:59 Hetul 0:02:10 Anne 0:02:25; Big Monster Simon 0:04:23 Patrick 0:04:51 Axe 0:05:11 Anne 0:05:24 Hetul 0:05:30

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