May 23, 2016

UFIT Run - 19th October, 2010.

The interest in UFIT Run gathers!! 7 more Ufitters had a crack at the Top Times (TT) and of course, bettering their own personal times for each of the 6 runs and their combined Total Elapsed Time (TET). Some like Roisin LaneMark SherwoodElliot Rogers and Rob Davies were doing UFIT Run for the first time, laying down their best shot in preparation for coming back in subsequent weeks and months and being f a s t e r !!! Rob was trialling UFIT and he must have wondered what he got himself in for!! He subsequently signed up anyway so clearly made of tough stuff  UFIT Run IS harder than a typical UFIT session, only because it requires a maximal effort on all 6 runs. It’s a test. A test of your fitness and a way of gauging your progress as you tick over regular UFIT sessions and any other fitness work you do. But it’s fun as well and the camaraderie shared amongst the group as each person arrives at the end of his/her run is brilliant!!

Also on deck last night were Courtney Sherwood (picking up a 3rd place Top Time on Vexing Hex, run 5), Chris Knott (running the 5th fastest ever TET although Chris does already hold the 2nd fastest) and David HugMr Consistency, running a TET 2 seconds slower (16min02 to 16min00) than he ran 2 weeks ago! And claiming another top 10 TET to his record collection!!

It was a bit wet last night so fast times were not really going to happen so it’s a credit to these guys for being able to maintain speeds/fitness… the dry next time, watch out!!

However the BIG news last night was Elliot claiming a 3rd place TT on Hill Street Blues, on UFIT Run debut!! He beat Andy Perkins 3rd place by 1 second!! Perks at one stage had 5 of the 6 TT’s but now only has five 3’rds whilst still the overall King of the TET’s being the only person to go under 15 minutes for the entire 6 runs!! Perks when are you coming back mate??


Ok so Top Times are here, last nights times read on –

Stairway to Heaving Chris K 0:01:31 Elliot 0:01:32 David H 0:01:33 Mark S 0:01:39 Courtney 0:01:51 Rob D 0:02:05 Roisin 0:02:09 Main Steet Chris K 0:03:02 David H 0:03:06 Elliot 0:03:18 Mark S 0:03:47 Courtney 0:04:44 Rob D 0:05:39 Roisin 0:05:50 No Picnic at RafflesMark S 0:01:32 Chris K 0:01:35 David H 0:01:36 Elliot 0:01:40 Courtney 0:01:55 Rob D 0:02:52 Roisin dns Hill St Blues Elliot 0:02:36 Chris K 0:02:41 David H 0:02:48 Mark S 0:04:00 Courtney 0:04:04 Roisin 0:04:44 Rob D 0:05:37 The Hexing Vex Chris K 0:01:53 Elliot 0:01:55 David H 0:01:56 Mark S 0:01:57 Courtney 0:02:11 Roisin 0:03:35 Rob D 0:03:35 Big (kinda) Monster Chris K 0:04:57 David H 0:05:03 Courtney 0:05:21 Mark S 0:06:31 Elliot 0:08:07 Roisin 0:09:45 Rob D 0:09:45

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