May 23, 2016

UFIT Run - 17th May, 2011.

After an age and after a BIG commitment to re-blogging I have finally again got here to write up UFIT Run from Tuesday. 6 Ufitters, a Public Holiday and 4 “virgin” Runners including a triallist whom until now has not been heard of since…..Knotty (Chris Knott) starred, running a Total Elapsed Time 1 second faster than the record he held previously (14.48 to 14.47)!! Plus on debut Andrew Prentice shattered Chris’ record on Main St by 2 seconds! This spurred Knotty on to go equal the record at No Picnic at Raffles at 1min 25, jointly held by Jason Parry and Axe Rawlinson. So we had a thunderous start to the session! The pace was hot and it couldn’t last, we were an hour earlier than usual being a Public Holiday so it was still quite warm Nevertheless, the Running Couple, Al and Anne Morgan put in great efforts all day,Stuart Hau never dropped out of the Top 3 (well, until the last, the Big Monster!) and triallist Amy Fu was a star on her UFIT debut! Awesome stuff, next week it’s UFIT Core with Alex, see you there!

For Top Times click on this link

Stairway to Heaving Chris 0:01:15 Stuart 0:01:17 Andrew 0:01:19 Alastair 0:01:42 Anne 0:01:47 Amy 0:01:48; Main Street Andrew 0:02:53 Chris 0:03:02 Stuart 0:03:34 Anne 0:04:04 Alastair 0:04:15 Amy 0:04:21; No Picnic at Raffles Chris 0:01:25 Andrew 0:01:40 Stuart 0:01:50 Alastair 0:02:10 Anne 0:02:10 Amy 0:02:14; Hill St Blues Chris 0:02:35 Andrew 0:02:47 Stuart 0:03:04 Amy 0:03:43 Alastair 0:03:46 Anne 0:03:56; The Hexing Vex Andrew 0:01:48 Chris 0:01:52 Stuart 0:02:19 Anne 0:02:28 Alastair 0:02:32 Amy 0:02:39; Big Monster Chris 0:04:38 Andrew 0:05:01 Anne 0:05:42 Alastair 0:06:06 Stuart 0:06:27 Amy 0:06:29

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