May 23, 2016

UFIT Run - 14th December, 2010.


Cracking session again in Fort last night, Patrick Donaldson returned from a spell firstly injured and more recently in training for the StanChart Half (1Hr 44min) and went head to head with one of last weeks combatants Simon Myers (1hr 45min)!! So clearly fairly even matched runners and so it proved. A very quick session (55 minutes) and although just one record was set (it had been raining and was quite wet), the usual UFIT Run I N T E N S I T Y was very evident!!

Simon, for the second week running, re-set the record books with a massive time on Big Monster, shaving 3 seconds off his PB from last week!

The more we do this session the more I am convinced that everyone would benefit so much from this type of work. In my recent blogpost on intensity I mentioned the key point is everyone works at different intensities but that’s ok. As long as what intensity you are working at is demanding on you, you are outside your comfort zone for long periods (with the 5 breaks we have between the 6 runs). This is good for you and you need it!

This is UFIT Run, come do it and find out how it can benefit you!

Last night’s times follow, click here for Top Times

Stairway to Heaving Patrick 0:01:28 Simon 0:01:39; Main Street Patrick 0:03:18 Simon 0:03:23; No Picnic at Raffles Simon 0:01:38 Patrick 0:01:41; Hill St Blues Patrick 0:02:48 Simon 0:02:59; The Hexing Vex Patrick 0:02:08 Simon 0:02:12; Big (kinda) MonsterSimon 0:04:23 Patrick 0:05:16

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