May 23, 2016

UFIT Run - 14 & 21 September, 2010.

Oops I missed posting after last week’s run, sorry team. We’re now running UFIT Run on Tuesday and last night we had Mark Taylor for the first time, Meagan Reus back after a couple of weeks off, Chris Knott after a couple of months off and one of the UFIT Run regulars Diana Fox  Last week with Prescille, Neil Dyball took on his good mate Kevin GibsonCourtney Sherwood and Diana were also on-deck. Courtney last week nailed down 2 more second-place Top Times!! Courtney now is the proud record-holder of 3 second place and 1 third place TT’s, a massive effort from one of our new UFIT Crew! And she wasn’t finished as Courtney now holds the 4th Top Overall Time behind Carolyn Pryor with 2 and Zu Kucerova. Neil also did himself proud by grabbing a share of 3rd place at “Stairway to Heaving” with a 1min 25 equalling another Neal, Neal Sullivan.

I already have a confirmation that Jason Parry will be back at UFIT Run next week! A record for UFIT Run, having someone book in so far ahead!! Plus there’s been some other members say they are keen on doing Tuesday’s so we may get this thing going after-all! It’s really a top session, you work really hard, as you do at every other UFIT session but the added spice of the stopwatch and the inter-group and Top Times competitiveness makes for a really interesting challenge. Just ask me and Chris lol!!

Ok so here’s the times from both weeks, the Top Times are here –

September 14

Stairway to Heaving Neil D 0:01:25 Kevin 0:01:31 Courtney 0:02:00 Diana 0:02:24 Main Steet Neil D 0:03:24 Kevin 0:03:24 Courtney 0:03:57 Diana 0:04:45 No Picnic at Raffles Neil D 0:01:45 Kevin 0:01:47 Courtney 0:01:51 Diana 0:02:28 Hill St Blues Neil D 0:02:39 Kevin 0:03:13 Courtney 0:03:38 Diana 0:03:40 The Hexing Vex Neil D 0:02:10 Kevin 0:02:10 Courtney 0:02:13 Diana 0:03:24 Big (kinda) Monster Courtney 0:05:20 Kevin 0:05:39 Neil D 0:06:00 Diana 0:08:25

September 21

Stairway to Heaving Chris K 0:01:37 Meagan 0:01:50 Mark 0:02:08 Diana 0:02:20 Main Steet Chris K 0:03:13 Meagan 0:03:55 Mark 0:04:26 Diana 0:04:54 No Picnic at Raffles Chris K 0:01:39 Meagan 0:02:07 Diana 0:02:17 Mark 0:02:28 Hill St Blues Chris K 0:02:52 Meagan 0:03:39 Mark 0:04:21 Diana 0:04:35 The Hexing Vex Chris K 0:02:10 Meagan 0:02:38 Mark 0:02:51 Diana 0:02:59 Big (kinda) Monster Chris K 0:05:03 Meagan 0:06:41 Mark 0:07:06 Diana 0:07:50

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