May 23, 2016

UFIT Run - 11th January, 2011.

UFIT Run Tuesday was a “red-letter” day for UFIT! For one our new Trainer Selina Aziztook the session, her debut as a UFIT Trainer, congratulations to you Selina! And secondly we had more members (3) on debut than we did members that have completed their maiden UFIT Run (1). Great Stuff!! So joining regular “Run” ner theAxe Man were Anne MorganDaryl Harding and Wilson Reyes. And a competitive session it turned out to be, as is usually the case, with all 4 runners making their own contributions in one way or the other to a top session, so well done to all!!

UFIT Run is a session which, every week, we run the same 6 loops around Fort Canning with a goal to providing UFIT Members a chance to gauge fitness progress. This is gauged by individual times on each loop and by overall time for the 6 loops combined. Members can track their own progress by reviewing their own times, other members times and total times for all on this blog and the top 3 times ever, for men and women on the UFIT Website.

The 6 runs are all different in nature and therefore they all challenge you in different aspects of your cardiovascular fitness. You can go into Fort Canning and practice on the loops on your own or with friends. You can time yourself and check how you’re doing against others from the blog or website, it’s all good fun!

Here are the times from Tuesday –

Stairway to Heaving Grant 0:01:29 Wilson 0:01:32 Daryl 0:01:38 Anne 0:01:59; Main Street Grant 0:03:18 Wilson 0:03:22 Daryl 0:03:37 Anne 0:03:55; No Picnic at RafflesGrant 0:01:42 Wilson 0:01:43 Daryl 0:01:53 Anne 0:01:59; Hill St Blues Grant 0:02:57 Wilson 0:03:04 Daryl 0:03:27 Anne 0:03:54; The Hexing Vex Grant 0:02:00 Wilson 0:02:01 Daryl 0:02:17 Anne 0:02:25; Big Monster Grant 0:05:31 Wilson 0:05:37 Anne 0:05:48 Daryl 0:06:21

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