May 23, 2016


Well UFIT Run #4 was a great success with 6 Ufitters in attendance and more records tumbling. Knotty’s away in a Winnebago for 4 weeks he may find himself with a lot of work in front of him when he gets back!! He still holds a firm grip on Main St (aka the House Run) with an impressive 2min 56 but otherwise he is off the Top Times list.

Last night saw the introduction of a new strategy by Jason. Flat out on 1 run a week and the strategy paid off (if NOT somewhat possibly in the spirit of the run….lol) as he collected the TT for No Picnic at Raffles. He dragged Deutscher along as well on that one with Adam getting a second equal matching Perk’s outstanding 1min 29 last week. Jason’s time? 1 min 25!!!

Deutscher did nail one himself, the Stairway to Heaving, smashing Perk’s record from last week by 4 seconds! Patrick also beat Perk’s record but only by 2 to nail down #2 spot on the TT’s for Heaving.

Patrick whilst not having any top spots does have 3 second’s to his name so very consistent work!

In the women’s section Zu still holds all 6 records but Tango and Nicole looked excellent last night. Nicole improved her 3rd best time on Heaving by 8 secs! She also improved her long run on Big Monster by 33 seconds!! But last night Tango was the star performer netting 4 seconds in behind Zu’s times in a really consistent effort. Well done Tango!

Ok so results –

Stairway to Heaving Adam 0:01:18 Patrick 0:01:20 Nick 0:01:32 Jason 0:01:38 Tango 0:01:52 Nicole 0:01:58 Main Steet Patrick 0:03:03 Nick 0:03:12 Jason 0:03:30 Adam 0:03:36 Tango 0:04:06 Nicole 0:04:36 No Picnic at Raffles Jason 0:01:25 Adam 0:01:29 Patrick 0:01:39 Nick 0:01:39 Tango 0:02:06 Nicole 0:02:11 The Hexing Vex Jason 0:01:58 Nick 0:02:02 Patrick 0:02:13 Adam 0:02:14 Tango 0:02:44 Nicole 0:02:49 Hill St Blues Adam 0:02:42 Patrick 0:02:51 Nick 0:03:09 Jason 0:03:43 Tango 0:03:47 Nicole 0:03:55 Big (kinda) Monster Nick 0:04:43 Patrick 0:05:15 Jason 0:05:23 Tango 0:06:27 Nicole 0:06:51 Adam

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