May 23, 2016


The records keep tumbling at UFIT Run with “UFIT urbanathlete” Andy “Perks” Perkins wrecking all Top Times bar one this evening at FC. After a huge night on the sake he needed to de-tox and chose UFIT Run to do it! Patrick was hot on his heels on every run and the competition between them managed to spur them both on! Patrick snaffled 3 seconds and 2 thirds! Anita gritted teeth and stuck at it all night providing the third Ufitter in a small UFIT Run Team for session #3. She managed to grab a Top Time, a third on Hill St Blues, well done that girl!! Hopefully you guys will soon start to get behind this great session and start bumping numbers! All Top Times can be found at the UFIT website here !! –

Stairway to Heaving Perks 1.22 Patrick 1.25 Anita 2.08 Main Steet Perks 3.02 Patrick 3.12 Anita 5.08 No Picnic at Raffles Perks 1.29 Patrick 1.38 Anita 2.27 Hill St Blues Perks 2.37 Patrick 2.41 Anita 4.08 The Hexing Vex Perks 1.47 Patrick 1.59 Anita 3.18 Big (kinda) MonsterPerks 4.37 Patrick 4.4 Anita

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