May 23, 2016

UFIT, Getting You FIT!

I haven’t yet given this post a title. I’m going to write and then add a title afterwards. The key to this message is COMMITMENT! I really want everyone to be fit and healthy but to be that way, you first have to commit to the lifestyle. I see many people making band-aid commitments to their fitness. Using a band-aid, you put it on for a while, take it off and you’re healed. Unfortunately it’s not quite the same with fitness. Band-aid fitness is just play a bit of sport now and then, a gym session or 2, go for a run, you’re training right?! However after the band-aid comes off, you go back to poor food choices, late nights, alcohol and a haphazard training schedule.

Real band-aids heal, band-aid fitness doesn’t work, at all!

We have our bodies for a lifetime. That maybe a short one or a long one but whichever it is, will it be a productive one, full of vitality, fun and contentment or will it be one racked with injuries, too heavy and ravaged with time?

You can control these 2 outcomes and you must because really ONLY you can do it! You just have to make the commitment.

We all know people (family, friends, colleagues) that have and continue to suffer illnesses, minor and major. There is a direct relationship between fitness and health.Fitter people suffer less illness, live longer and more productively, have better sex, have healthier children and look better!! Jeez are you sold yet??

I mean for a commitment to living healthier look at the rewards. I actually believe people are very lazy. “Oh I have to go out and have dinner with clients, eat lots, booze, you know, I have to do it”. Then the next day, “I feel like shit, I’ll eat Macca’s for breakfast and drink a lot of coffee today, that’ll get me through the day!” I hear this so much it becomes sickening!

Guys you have to manage it. I have a lot of clients that have done and continue to do very well, some are teetotallers, vegetarians, family people. Don’t make excuses and don’t be lazy! Serious illness, poor quality of life, mounting expenses and an early grave are all that await!

What. To. Do?? Get help. Find a reliable resource for training and nutritional advice. Don’t be lazy. Pick up the phone, send an email!! Get help! There are very competent people out there who can help you. Here are some ways of contacting them –

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