May 23, 2016


Ok first up I’ve been off-line for quite a while now, family matters in Australia took priority for a few weeks there so I’m back now!

I was asked by Suz one of the UFIT members what I thought of treadmills. Not a fan I must say 

Why? The biomechanics of running in simple terms are we lift a foot and our hips mobilise and rotate our pelvis. Our other foot reacts by flexing and also lifting before the hip mobilisation switches. This switch helps to rotate the pelvis in the opposite direction and in doing so permit our trailing leg to come through and allow the other foot to strike. And so on and so on! Simple and probably a little vague but nonetheless the most important function is described, that being the pelvic rotation.

Pelvic rotation is crucial to the kinetic chain functioning correctly. The kinetic chain as I have written about previously is the system of muscles, bones and joints that link, as in a chain, our human frame together. If we have a malfunction of the chain, other muscles and joints will have to compensate and this can and usually does lead to some kind of injury.

Now most of us have some kind of kinetic chain malfunction or another going on In fact just today I have had treatment for one going on in me! And no, no cranial surgery was required, thank you!

The problem with treadmills is this. The “tread” (or the belt) in a treadmill moves, you DON’T. You’re stationary so your kinetic chain functions way differently to what it would do if you were out on the road. What you do on a treadmill is lift your feet, so the same as running outdoors but then as the belt is moving you simply place your foot back down again and don’t rotate your pelvis. Bang! Interfering with the correct functioning of the kinetic chain!

This can result in any of the following – shin splints, ankle/Achilles soreness, knee pain and lower back pain and maybe all of them, all at once!

Of course I have used treadmills in the past and may use them again in the future. I don’t say eliminate them from your routine but definitely revise their use so that it’s something you do sporadically. There are far better forms of cardio to do!! Doing UFIT or more UFIT’s being one of them! Have YOU tried UFIT Run??

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