May 23, 2016


My Sunday’s are pretty ordinary. I have fairly active Saturdays, UFIT Bootcamp early then most of the afternoon playing and refereeing Touch Football (whilst the season is on which is half the year).

So Sunday is a day I can lie in, get up about 8am and go and get some breakfast and read the paper. And man, do I read some rubbish about my business in the Sunday paper! The guy who writes a fitness column a guy called Frankie, always structures his work on what people tell him. This could also be described as heresay….

Ok so if he was writing about a traffic accident, say a taxi does a U-Turn on a busy street and doesn’t look before doing it (I’m trying to make this as real-life as possible) and another taxi slams into it and a bunch of people see it, Frankie could turn up and get eye-witness accounts and pretty much get the story straight. Well lets say he gets it 50-50…..

But if Frankie is writing about fitness and he asks a bunch of people about a component of fitness and what they think to be the facts, he has to apply some fraction of journalistic expertise. He must find a reputable resource for a starting point and state a standpoint and then offer “professional” opinions from those he interviews. If Frankie has some kind of professional qualification in fitness that would also be a bonus.

Instead what Frankie does is tell a whole lot of rubbish described to him by a whole lot of people who clearly don’t know much about the given topic. And usually if they do, they are are peddling an agenda which Frankie either doesn’t bother editing or is too ignorant to realise.

It’s so sad it becomes comical. So Sunday breakfast can be entertaining reading about fitness but also tinged with a little sadness with how bad things are in our industry in Singapore with so few true pro’s working on the scene here.

BUT!! Sunday’s get a whole lot better after that, why? Cos Sunday is FUN Training Day! And it’s movie day, I watched Kick Ass today and it Kick’s Ass!!

Fun Training Day means I go out and do something different. Some days I ride, some days I run, some days I gym but I always try and do something different. It gives me fresh ideas for UFIT Bootcamps, it shakes things up for my own training and mentally it’s refreshing.

Training can be dull sometimes. It can be a grind and sometimes it has to be. I mean life can be a grind but we always have things going on that give us some respite from that grind. Training’s the same! Ruts are not good so bust out of that rut with something different! Getting into different stuff with your training can mean a big refresher for life in general. If you need some ideas on different training come talk toUFIT! We are full of them whether in the gym doing PT or out in the park doing UFIT.

Plus we also help out with lifestyle coaching, helping you guys and girls to look at your patterns (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly) and how to vary the things you DO have control over for ultimately enhancing your lives in general.It really is amazing when someone sits down and addresses your lifestyle in a macro perspective how many interesting things eventuate. I’ve done this several times now with different folks and outcomes are very interesting and valuable for individuals!

Maybe give it a go?! And certainly don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper, fitness or otherwise! We here at UFIT are different. We seriously don’t want to be regarded as just everyday Trainers due to the basic fact that we aren’t. We are EXTRAordinary and revel in that. Come revel with us!!

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