May 23, 2016

Strength Training.

I can’t begin to explain the way it makes me feel when regular guys (and girls) tell me they’re in the gym doing weights these days and they are doing a body-part “split” routineWhy?? Well 3 weeks ago I posted this article about muscle imbalances.

The traditional body-part “split” routine was developed by bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger who wanted to “isolate” muscles in a bid to completely breakdown the fibres in that muscle. The theory is that this then allows the muscle to regenerate and build bigger than it was previously. And by “splitting” a larger muscle with a smaller muscle for example chest and biceps, the larger group could be worked first and although fatigued the individual would still have the energy to work the smaller muscle group afterwards.

For reasons discussed in the previous post for most people this method is a recipe for muscle imbalance and a stepping stone to injury. The reason why a lot of Trainers still use such methods is they are poorly educated by whatever organisation they are working for.

So what should you be doing instead? Some people advocate full-body workouts where every muscle part is trained 3 times per week. I’m linking an article in this paragraph from Mens Health magazine about a chap that advocates such a methodology. It’s pleasing to see a magazine I don’t really rate printing quite a good article, however my problem with it is the person is still advocating using lifts and exercises that I feel are non-functional. Check out the “slide show” of 5 exercises to understand what I’m talking about!

I’m on the same page regarding 3 sessions per week but from my perspective the lifts must be Olympic-style. Also the information from research in the article about growth potential for 3x per week V body-splits was very interesting and should interest a few of you out there  Here’s the link to the article.

Has anyone had a crack at the Olympic Lifts we have in our video section of this blog?? Let me know. Please use UFIT as a resource. At UFIT Re-Tox last night I had a very good discussion with a couple of members and I hope they took a few things away from that. Do you have any questions, just leave them at the end of this post!

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