May 23, 2016

Research... Tells Us..... WHAT?

I attended the 2nd annual Asia Fitness Congress over the past weekend and once again I was pretty impressed with most of the stuff presented. As usual Pete McCall and Fabio Comana were excellent along with Jim Friel. A Kiwi guy based in HK called Ross Eathorne was also very good. A bit of a sticking point with me was a couple of the (unnamed) presenters made liberal references to, “research says” and “research tells us..” I mean I researched the back of a weetbix packet when I was a kid and it told me that eating weetbix would turn me into an All Black, well that never happened. But more seriously for every published, peer-reviewed argument for one view there is usually an opposing one which is just as compelling. So to stand up in front of an audience of peers and state that “research shows” us that what I’m saying is true, without even telling us where the research originated, is like slapping the audience with a rolled up copy of the Journal of Sports Sciences! It also shows us that maybe you are simply offering information you have heard second-hand without even checking the reference yourself. Either way, unprofessional!!

The good news is next year UFIT will present a Flexband workshop, showing all my peers what we do in UFIT  Or more correctly what you guys do in UFIT lol. So next time you see a video being taken at a session, SMILE!!!! you may end up with a very large audience.

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