May 23, 2016

Research into Organic Food!

Man I am a bad guy!! It’s been an age since I blogged and I’ve had a bee under my bonnet for a while, just wanting to get out…so here goes!!

I read in the ST recently that new research just published found there is no evidence that organic food has any greater nutritional value than conventionally grown food. Apparently this research collated data from a swag of studies completed on organic food Versus conventionally grown food. Did anyone see this? It had a BIG headline and was in a prominent section of the paper.

Ok so a couple of things here.

I believe most people anecdotally would feel that organic food is better for us, right or wrong? So what is the purpose of this research and who would want to see this research undertaken? I was taught always to want to try and investigate the underlying reasoning on why a piece of research is undertaken. Who will it benefit? Obviously in a lot of cases people and groups wanting to get a positive statement supporting their stance on a given matter will try and produce “evidence” that their point of view/product/service is better than an alternative, considering that that alternative may be doing nothing or maybe another product or service.

In this case I would hazard a guess that conventional farmers, concerned that their livelihoods are slowly being undermined by a trend of shoppers buying more and more organic foods, have initiated the study. This in my opinion is highly a plausible scenario. I mean it happens all the time that groups with vested interests in outcomes establish research protocols that benefit/support their stand.

Interesting in this case the PR/spin machine that has subsequently used these results and promoted them very successfully in media around the world. What for me is worrying is the angle that the reports have taken in supporting the research findings that, “there appears to be no greater nutritional value in organic foods compared to conventionally grown foods”.

Is this why people buy organic foods? Well for me it’s NOT the primary reason. For me the primary reason I buy organic foods is because the growing of the foods uses no chemical fertilisers, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, no additives to assist colour and nothing else that can contaminate the food (so obviously genetically modified foods can’t be organic, thankfully, well at least not yet. I’m sure Monsanto goons are plotting how they can do this). So my reason for buying organic food iscontamination, or more correctly knowing the food is NOT contaminated!

At the very end of the report in the ST, it stated that unfortunately the research didn’t address the negative effects of all the chemicals, added hormones, medicines etc when growing conventional foods, so comparing organic food to conventionally grown food on this basis is perhaps something future research could address…..ahhhhh but in the meantime, headline browsers in the ST will have a take-home message that there’s no point paying extra for organic food.

The PR/spin doctors will get their result with the 80% of punters who really can’t be bothered reading the full article (ok so I only did because it’s important to me in my business…….). I just hope it is to you guys as well….

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