May 23, 2016


As a upcoming contestant in the Mens Health Urbanathlon I have been given 6 months free subscription to the magazine. Wow! I have to say it’s very nicely presented. It has some interesting stories so the articles that tell readers about people from different walks of life and what they do are very good. There was a story recently about a fellow New Zealander that is a world hill-running champion. He races up hills for 15-20 kilometres, man, what a legend! I was in the Margaret River at Christmas and I ran up a hill for a couple ofk’s, that was enough!

The magazine however also has articles that aren’t so good. In a recent article a (apparently well known) runner suggests that an individual should be doing squats at 20 reps or more at this stage of his training for the Urbanathlon. I would love to know the reasoning behind that statement? Anecdotally I guess if you’re doing a ot of km’s running an inexperienced trainer may believe you can train “endurance” in the muscles by doing a heap of squats. Unfortunately this is quite incorrect.

Think of it as this. When you’re competing in a running race do you do it with an Olympic Bar on your shoulders? With weight on that bar? Er, no. So why train like that? There are 2 things going on here in your program. 1, your doing running training and 2, you can be doing resistance training. In the week before a race, you’re in your taper so no need for weights, really. Afterall, a periodised training program is designed to offer specificity to the athlete for his/her event. So doing high rep-range weights is really not specific…..leave the weights alone. And in your training program NEVER do high rep-range lifting. Refer to (Weightloss – The SECRET!)

In fact as I have said before, high rep-range weights for ANY purpose except rehab/corrective exercise programs is a complete waste of time. Challenge me. I know there are people out there who don’t believe it so tell me why?

In conclusion I like the Mens Health magazine. But be selective in what you believe. Challenge them, write in and ask for explanations. I do bu they never get published, I wonder why!!

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