May 23, 2016

Mixing It Around!

It’s fortunate for me that I do this for a job. But I’m figuring it must be a whole lot harder for you out there that don’t work in the fitness industry…..and perhaps for some that do  I’m talking about keeping your workouts fresh. This is the key to keeping on keeping on! The way to keep the momentum, the way to create a fitness-based lifestyle. If your workouts are fresh, you’ll keep doing them!

Ok so for me it’s not always like that but I know that once I’ve beaten the lazy-arsedemons I’ll be hammering it as usual. And why? How do I do it?

One of the key ingredients is scenery. Same old place, same old shit! Go somewhere different to workout. If you don’t have a membership at a gym with different locations, get one. It’s worth the investment. Another is workout options. Tired of the gym? Quit it for 2 weeks and run. And do you do the same old run every time?? Verdict=BORING, plus it’s probably not working for you anymore anyway. Change the route or go to the track! Done that already? The start doing intervals or fartleks. Other workout options are trying yoga or Pilates or any of the multitude of classes offered by the big gyms. My favourite is Body-Balance which is a class by Les Mills and again, offered by most of the gym chains here. Think these classes are for women only or for not-that-macho-type guys? Think again!! The balance required for these type of classes stimulates all sorts of muscles that have probably long ago switched off, the engagement of the core muscles, the breathing needed, the concentration required, it all adds up to an amazingly challenging program – try it 

Then of course there’s UFIT RunUFIT’s great new session where we time you individually over 6 different runs in Fort Canning. Or BlacknBlue where the Trainer joins in and we just go for it!

Clearly mixing around your training has benefits both physically and mentally.

If you don’t mix it around your body physically adjusts to the training stimulous in something described as “adaptation”. This is also described as hitting a “plateau” and is very common among people new or resuming a training program. Typically you go flat out with a program you have been given or found on a site and it’s all good for 1-2 months maybe 3 and then BANG!! You hit the plateau. Why?? Our bodies are marvelous machines, they constantly want to adapt to any environment they find themselves in, physically or mentally. In a physical environment such as a gym, we go through a series of exercises that initially our body struggles to deal with. But once it has encountered the “stimulous” several times it adjusts, it expects and it meets the challenge. Similarly an overweight person, lets say a new Mum that still has her baby fat around her waist, will start a walking program. Her body is shocked by the “stimulous” and uses a lot of energy to do the walk. Over a period of time her body adjusts, it sheds some weight during the adaptation and then learns to minimise the amount of energy required and adapts. Result? She stops losing weight. She needs to reinvigorate her program with some hills, maybe some light “fartlek”-type jogging or start pushing her pram with baby!

And mentally it’s exactly the same. We go through the same routine each and every time and we “mentally” adapt. Then boredom sets in, we wander mentally and lose our concentration. Any gains we have made become history! We then begin to consider the gym and the program a waste of time because that’s exactly what WE have made it!

It doesn’t need to be that way. For some people it really isn’t. If you regularly read this blog you will get plenty of tips. If you really want help, engage us! Do some UFIT sessions, come do some PT in the gym. In both environments you will learn secrets to mixing around your own training so you won’t hit physical and mental plateaus! Come try us and find out! If you are a member pass the link to this blog on and encourage people you know to read the blog and come along to UFIT!

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