May 23, 2016

Lifting Information.

Ok so by now a few of you have seen the lifting video’s posted over the past weekend. UFIT wants to share with you all as much as we can as a kind of value-added arrangement. We know you would all LOVE to do Personal Training with our man Dean but

  • cost (even though he is the best value-for-money Trainer in Singapore!!),
  • timings (Dean will have a partner working with him in the gym very soon!),
  • the gym environment,

potentially all work against us in convincing you to come and do UFIT PT  I mean Dean and I will argue all day that nearly ALL OF US need corrective work, even if it’s minor but 80% of us have poor functioning posture, so we need it. FACT. As I know of maybe only 1 or 2 other Trainers in Singapore doing Posture Analysis and Movement Screens in their assessment procedure there’s an awful lot of you out there doing PT with Trainers that don’t really know anything about how your kinetic chain is functioning. Not only is that a shame, it’s wrong and potentially very harmful.

BUT some of you won’t be told! And we know some of you actually do work with Dean but want reminders on the lifts.

The most important consideration with lifting is –

  • You lift heavy, not so heavy you compromise form (form as demonstrated by the videos) but heavy in that you recruit maximum muscle fibres because more recruitment means more energy expenditure and much greater potential for change (Men=Size, Women=Shape)
  • You do a maximum of 4-6 reps and 3-4 sets. With Dean he will oftentimes have you doing more reps because he will be doing corrective stuff with you or he simply wants to change up your routine. As a rule it’s 4-6 x 3-4 
  • You warm-up correctly. This link to a previous post on injuries addresses the components of an integrated warm-up. At UFIT we SMFR (every time!), stretch, mobilise, activate muscles and core, dynamic stretch, in that order and you should too!

These 3 items above will ensure you get the most out of the video’s.

Now watch the video’s again, establish the lifts 4-5-6 of them you want to do and go and do them! Mix the order around, do different lifts each time, increase/decrease reps and sets, be adventurous and challenge yourself. Let me know how you go!

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