May 23, 2016

Lean and Mean.

Lean and Mean. I believe a lot of Ufitters and people that just want to get fit perhaps aspire to this mantra. I know I do 

To me lean and mean conjures up my lifestyle. I try and eat lean and try and train mean. Ok, so that sounds a tad corny but it’s my mantra!

Eat Lean = is essentially eating reduced calories. I challenge YOU to eat HALF of what you eat for the next 2-3 days. Just.Try.It!! You will be amazed at how GOOD you feel, seriously. Why? Because basically we are too greedy and eat too much resulting in a state where we are constantly storing food/energy. So our body is overworkedstoring and it struggles to find opportunities to tend to other business like tissue repair, maintaining the immune system, processing waste and other important functions. I’m serious about this, the body is a machine and proper functioning is seriously affected when it’s overworking dealing with making you fat.

The other part to eating lean is try and cut back on simple carbohydrates or more correctly, high glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrates. These high GI carbs are really only beneficial to us during or immediately after exercise and ONLY if the exercise isrigorous. Like UFIT is  Most other times low and medium GI carbs should be the food of choice firstly and secondly, naturally occuring foods. Like fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

It’s the same for protein and fat. Lean is best. So if you must eat meat and I know, most of you must, eat animals that move. Kangaroo, venison (deer meat), fish and chicken (free range chicken by definition move, unlike the poor critters that get stuffed into huge sheds with no lighting, poor ventilation and sanitation and their neighbours squashed in all around them. It’s called modern, profitable farming. Don’t mention the feed). Pork=Bad. Beef=Bad. Mutton (sheep)=better than the other 2 

Train Mean=high intensity training. Ok, so some of us aren’t (yet) built for too intense stuff and some of us that are, get injured when we push it….So warm-up better.Integrated warm-ups are the only way to ensure you can train at the intensity you need to be at, without suffering injuries. What is an integrated warm-up? Roll, stretch, mobilise/activate, dynamic=GO!! Obviously we can show you how at UFIT or you can Google the terms and do your own research. An integrated warm-up will allow you to train harder which will result in better gains in your program and keep you healthier at the same time. 10 minutes on the bike/treadmill (bloody treadmills, please don’t use them anyway they ruin your kinetic chain) and a quick stretch is a warm-up from the dark ages, don’t be a neanderthal!!

When training use Olympic lifts as your staple, deadlifts, cleans, push-presses, bench press, squats, lunges and other barbell/dumbbell lifts such as bentover rows and overhead presses. Go heavy and go low reps, 4-6/8 reps max and mix it up. You MUST stimulate MAXIMUM muscle fibres, only achievable with lower reps. This will result in much more muscle fibre recruitment and a greater surge in Growth Hormone, and GH baby is what it is all about! We all have it stored up there in the grey matter, we just gotta unlock it!

When doing cardio, get outside and get going fast! Use hills and stairs and run combinations of single steps/double steps to fire fast twitch fibres and burn the sugar! Sugar in our diets is ever-present, lets use it before it gets stored away! Jump stairs, jump rope, jump into longer, harder runs as well. Try and include initially 400 metre hard runs, then try 800, 1500 and even throw in some 2 even 3 km hard runs. They really blow out the cobwebs and over time, build up an anaerobic machine!!

The great news is for really tough workouts you can do UFIT Run and UFIT Black and Blue which do all of the stuff I’ve just been talking about. Plus you do it with others and it makes it that much more fun! Have a look at the categories on the right and click on UFIT Run for some Blog stuff including times for our recent sessions.

UFIT means Lean and Mean, get into it!!

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