May 23, 2016


Ok so I have been banging on a bit about consumption of food and how we allgenerally eat too much. I have posted numerously that as an experiment you could all conduct, drop your consumption of food by half. That is, only eat half of what you normally would do for say 4 days or so. And then evaluate how you feel, your energy levels, how you wake up, concentration levels etc, your general well-being. Did anyone do it??

Interestingly in the past 2 weeks I have put on 1 kg, I normally range around 82.5kg and now I’m definitely in the 83.5 bracket. And I heard that my UFIT members say I’m losing too much weight! I am certainly in the 12-13% body-fat range, based on the wholly unreliable hand-held device but whatever. If I go up to 15% I can be sure I have put on 2 or 3 points and that’s really what I’m most concerned with rather than exactly where I started. These devices are reliable enough for that test-retest stuff. I put the increase down to less running these past 2 weeks.

What I really wanted to tell you here was exactly what I eat everyday on average, just so you’re clear that you’re eating too much 

630am – protein shake with water and greens/fruits concentrated powder, added vitamin C plus some other vitamins and minerals

830/9am – small bowl of organic cereal with regular full-fat milk

Post Training (gym session/run) – Ready to Drink (RTD) protein shake. This is usually12pm

2-3pm – Small vegetable quiche from Starbucks and a coffee OR eggs/baked beans made at home

4-5pm – apple

8-9pm – 150 grams of cashew nuts and sometimes also or sometimes only the same protein shake I have at 630am

And that is it!!

And I have put on weight recently! What does this tell you? It tells you several things –

  1. If you eat a lot of processed foods your body is struggling to process them and as a result you’re storing the food as fat (processed foods=pasta, bread, white rice, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, sauces, dressings etc). There is not a lot of processed foods in my diet.
  2. Do you eat based on your stomach rumbling and you saying, “oh shit, better grab something”?
  3. If your main meal of the day is dinner, you’re whacking in way to many calories at totally the wrong time of the day.
  4. If you drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day, you’re hammering your hormones and your endocrinal system is in a state of confusion.
  5. If you eat more than what I am eating you really probably are eating way too much food!

We have been misled for a long time as to what a calorie is and what importance/role it should play in our lives. It’s a measure, that’s it. It’s an arbitrary measure like body-fat percentage. I’ve even heard and probably even used it myself in the context of “good calories and bad calories”. You could just substitute food for calories and say good food and bad food!

  • Base your food choices on whole foods, real foods!
  • Omit sauces, spreads and dressings, they’re just crap that make shareholders rich, shareholders in food companies, drug firms and private hospitals mainly…..
  • Don’t buy fat-reduced, fat-free, skim this and skim that, it’s processed and probably has added sugar!
  • The bad and I mean REALLY bad shit is bread, especially white bread, pasta and white rice. These are just sugar, straight into your system and spiking insulin and looking to power muscles and if it’s night time and there’s only sleep on the cards, you’re storing it! It’s FAT making FOOD!!
  • Caffeine stirs the adrenals so you get a buzz and hunger signals get bypassed and you never end up eating, until you hit the wall and eat 2 meals in one…..and store most of it!
  • Drink more water and less of everything else, we have to flush the system people!
  • And simply reduce your food intake.

If you follow these recommendations I’m sure not only will you lose the excess baggage but you will feel better and perform better! And please tell me how you go I’m happy to talk about it!

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