May 23, 2016

Food (and it won’t be the last time)!

I train at a gym in Fusionopolis (owned by a big chain), you will probably know it. I pay for the membership so they don’t need me plugging them (clearly). I usually finishtraining at around lunchtime (a benefit of self-employment) and sitting there with myprotein shake watch hundreds and I mean hundreds of punters march into the building and down to the food centre to eat their lunch. Their $3.50 rice and meat or their $3.80 sambal stingray (how MUCH did you pay for that?!). Singaporeans love things being cheap and getting the cheapest food of any description is a national obsession. Radio DJ’s will tell listeners near lunchtime where they can obtain the cheapest chicken rice or nasi lemak.

So how good do you reckon this food is? For the seller to make money from a 3 buck meal means the ingredients are going to be pretty cheap. Therefore quality is going to be sacrificed.

Do you eat at local outlets? Are you sure of the quality of the food. Do you think about it?

Do you equate food to health? Oh sure you eat bad seafood you get food poisoning, we all know that. But consider this. Our bodies are constantly regenerating tissue, bone, skin, fingernails, hair etc. Where does it get the amino acids or the building blocks for this tissue regeneration? Yeah right, from our body but specifically where in our body? Food? Well, where else would it get it? From our embryonic beginnings we grow from the food our mothers ingest and once born, we grow from the food we ingest. So scarily we need to be aware of an old saying, “crap in, crap out!”

Elite athletes must always eat well. If they don’t they’re not elite. It is elite athleticism 101, eat well, perform well, when in training or competition. Is it really any different for us?

Some of us have really high powered jobs (not me, lol). Jobs that require high levels of energy, stamina, mental acuity and other meaningful qualities. Would eating well help these individuals? I believe it would and if this didn’t happen what could be the effect? Fatigue, becoming run-down, illness (flu, colds, etc).

So potentially eating well or even planning a healthy eating regime could in fact serve many purposes. An individual may work better, get sick less often and become far more productive in the long term. This could translate to success in the workplace and promotion, a new job or a better career.

Man, what are you waiting for!? Eat for success! How? Need I tell you!! Contact the professionals at UFIT!

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