May 23, 2016

Following on The Health Story

So I was inundated with responses to my last post re, “can we get healthier?” Not. Lol. A few of you read about it as my blog gives me data on readership numbers. So I know some read it and Dean put a cool reply/additional info up there, did you see that?

To be fair I rambled a bit about drugs and GMO’s and trace elements….in fact thetrace element story I want to continue. It’s really important. As humans we are seriously depleted cell-wise. Our cells are where it starts for us. Within each cell there are chromosomes which are constructed from DNA. These cells can have the structure (chromosomes/DNA) altered or “expressed” in different ways. “Gene expression” is how cells can be coded to behave. Healthy cells will continue to be healthy cells as long as gene expression is not altered in a negative way.

What things can alter gene expression negatively? Carcinogens (smoke, asbestos, some gases, petroleum products, some plastics specifically in the triangle on plastics with 3 or 7) are a major negative influence but so is stress. Stress creates a cortisol-dominant environent and cortisol is not a healthy hormone to have present in abundance. I have blogged about that in my last post.

The big one for me is poor diet. Yes we can eat badly and get fat and have various issues with that but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about “maintenance”. As you would maintain your worldly possessions (homes, vehicles, children, pets etc) you MUST MAINTAIN YOURSELVES!!

Huh? Well our bodies are complex pieces of kit, far more complex than any computer ever built and (please), ever will be built! More complex than any other life-form we know of (well, that we’ve been made officially aware of…). So maintenance of this awesome piece of kit that we are. A homo sapien maintenance kit, “homo sapien maintenance for dummies”. Sure we exercise and we eat right, correct?

Kind of. As you Ufitters ( out there know, our style of training is way different to most so check that box! But eating well…..well I don’t know about that. We must eat a broad spectrum of organic food and drink a lot less alcohol and caffeine if we’re to get anywhere close to a decent diet. One that can replenish not only the fats, carb and protein but also all the trace elements we need for optimal maintenance. If we don’t get everything well what’s going to happen? The answer is similarly to what would happen if you didn’t top up the oil in the car, didn’t add water to the cooling system or didn’t put grease on the axles – it wouldn’t work properly and eventually would fail. Same For Us!!

We needn’t degenerate as quickly as we do. Seriously. We can live longer, more productive lives by paying attention to the detail. In this case for all of us it’s our diets.Eat well. Forget fancy expensive restaurants wanting your money for ordinary food dressed up with sauces and what-have-you to trick your taste buds. Forget cheap food-court rubbish that’s convenient but dangerous! Eat WellAnd you must supplement. I’m so sorry to tell you but you MUST!! If you don’t, the trace elements missing from your diet will initiate an ultimately catastrophic demise of cell structure leading to failures upstream. Too many to mention. If you want advice, you know who to call.

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