May 23, 2016

Fat Loss Seminar... Abbreviated!!!

Right oh! I am in the mood! YOU want to lose fat? It’s a very SIMPLE process. Youreduce the volume of food you eat, now. I don’t need to know anything about WHAT you’re eating, what time of the day you eat carbs, if you drink enough water, if your mother’s uncles father was fat. If you’re overweight/a little fat/obese and you want to shift fat quickly AND safely, reduce your eating v o l u m e!!

Ok so it’s simplistic and it doesn’t address a significant problem with a lot of people = hormonal balance. But you will see a change, quickly and once you see the change, we can start looking at factors after that. Hormones being the key factor.

Too many women (and some men) do TOO MUCH CARDIO believing they will “burn fat”!!!!!!!!!! Cardio does NOT BURN FAT!! This is a fact! Different kinds of training, including specific cardio work such as fartleks and interval work, stimulate growth hormone. Excessive, long duration cardio stimulates cortisol. Heavy lifting recruits a lot of muscle fibres, working muscles maximally, stimulating growth hormone. High rep-range weight training with light weight stimulates cortisol. So cortisol, growth hormone……

GROWTH HORMONE = MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT/FAT LOSS (MEN = STRENGTH/LEAN MASS; WOMEN = SHAPE AND TONE). So why do men have a different result to women? Again hormones, men have plenty of testosterone, women don’t and testosterone will ensure muscle GROWTH.


So very quickly. Creating a growth hormone dominant environment for men and women means fat will reduce and muscles will develop! If you are not training properly and eating smart you maybe in a cortisol dominant environment.

It starts with not being greedy and understanding that eating food is providing fuel for our bodies and not about making us feel good. Sure indulge occasionally but you cannot overdo it. I see shocking food choices all the time by a lot of people and they wonder why they’re fat?

Real Food! Less of it! And reduce a l c o h o l…..

There is no secrets out there to fat-loss. It’s about being smart and listening to people that know what they’re talking about  But like anything it takes work and belief. DoYOU believe??

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