May 23, 2016

DOMS! - Delayed On-Set Muscle Soreness...

A quick question from intrepid Ufitter Kimmo, “why do I feel muscle soreness a day or 2 after a workout?” Good question mate! The technical term for this condition is DOMS (Delayed On-set Muscle Soreness). No one is really quite sure what exactly causes the condition. Obviously it is related to activities that stimulate muscle contraction and extension. Various types of weight-training sessions will result in DOMS but so too a hard UFIT Bootcamp session.

Muscle fibres when loaded will contract and extend, think of a bicep curl. As you contract your bicep (moving your hand towards your shoulder) and then extend, hand moving away from your shoulder, the loaded muscle fibres begin to fail. As the activity continues through a rep-range (a set) which as you all know should be 5/6-8 reps max, the muscle fibres as they fail form micro-tears. These micro-tears are vital for hypertrophy to occur because the tears are then repaired by the body using protein in the form of amino acids. As repairs occur muscle fibres lengthen and this results in greater size!

It is believed that the combination of the tears and associated lactate build-up plus other waste by-products that occur in a concentrated area of muscle results in DOMS.

Foam SMFR rolling after training and the next day, stretching during and after training and maintaining adequate hydration will all help reduce the affects of DOMS.

Hope that helps Kimmo and see you at UFIT soon!

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