May 23, 2016

DOCTORS... Are They Really... STUPID?

Man the next time I hear a UFIT client or member say to me, “sorry I haven’t been around recently, I have a sore knee (ankle, thigh, arm, shoulder etc) and my doctor told me to rest it“, I will go over to that doctor’s place of work and suggest he/she undertake a course of study in anti-stupidity, probably twice because they’re sure to fail it the first time……MAN!!! Rest It!! Read: I really don’t know what it is and because I’m either too lazy to try and find out or I don’t have the skill-set and can’t be bothered referring you to someone that does. Oh and anyway, I want you to take these painkillers (drugs to mask pain) plus anti-nausea drugs (for the painkillers), as well as anti-inflammatory drugs, all as often as possible because, well, it’s profitable for all concerned and you can claim the cost anyway….so lets just do that. Rest and take drugs. This drives me farking mental!!! What happens at the end of the Rest and the Drugs?? NOTHING!! The injury is usually still there or if not the reason you got the injury in the first place (the CAUSAL factor) is still prevalent hence you get injured again. This is western medicine at it’s bloody-mindedness worst and it helps no-one (oh, except the drug companies…..and the doctors bank balance).

Why don’t we all be a bit more proactive with injuries? Do you wonder why sometimes you get a recurring injury? More often than not it’s the result of poor biomechanics which are essentially the result of poor movement patterns. As children we develop these patterns instinctively but sometimes due to various circumstances, the development process goes awry and we end up with faulty movement patterns.

I see problematic movement patterns regularly, I see it in children at the International School where UFIT teaches children’s fitness and I see it in adults at UFIT sessions. We will always do our best to correct faulty patterns, this is why we demonstrate and then demonstrate again proper lifting technique and in the main part we are successful but we can’t be all the time.

If you experience injuries, if you have one now you can come see UFIT and we will put you through a Movement Screen and Posture Analysis, this will give us a lot of information about why you get injured or how you potentially will get injured.

Or if you feel more comfortable doing it the other way, consult a physio, here in Singapore there a some very good ones. Physionique at Claymore Hill are excellent. They have a staff of very competent physios led by Christina Neo and excellent massage therapists including Trevor Lee, please check them out!!

Ultimately the solution lies with you. Getting advice from a doctor to rest it is usually a professional cop-out and you shouldn’t stand for it. Be proactive and be determined to find out all you can about causal factors for injuries. A UFIT Movement Screen and Posture Analysis is a very good starting point.

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