May 23, 2016

Do YOU Train Smart?

Have you ever heard the expression, “don’t work hard, work smart“. I guess there’s variations on the theme but that about sums it up.

You know its exactly the same for training? I mean we all have to work hard right? There’s another saying, “you only get out of something what you put into it”. No effort, ZERO reward! But the priority is firstly working smart. This means in the context of a fitness program, 1. establishing goals; 2. determining how to most efficiently reach them; 3. working hard!

1 and 3 are pretty easy but 2 is a whole different ball-game! I mean goals can be as high as you want, someone said to me once, “aim for the stars and you may just hit the moon, aim for the moon and you may never get out of orbit!” Ground Control to Major Tom! Yes it was David Bowie but that’s a different story lol. And as for working hard, well you either do or you don’t. You have the determination and the drive or you don’t have. Motivation IS something a fitness professional can sort out with you and so are goals but as I said, I believe these are the two easy bits. I know a lot of Type-A individuals with awesome skill-sets as individuals that work bloody hard in the office and out (gym, pub, golf course, dance-floor, Starbucks (on the paying side of the counter…)) but don’t make any significant  progress with their fitness. WHY IS THAT?

If we are stuck with a problem from a malfunctioning toilet bowl to an argument with our neighbour about a fenceline we first try and deal with the problem ourselves. Why not? Why spend money on a plumber or a lawyer (both VERY expensive, the plumber probably more so lol) if the problem can be resolved utilising your own resources? Of course once you cannot resolve the problem you call in the experts.

Now my point is this. Professionals dispense their services because that’s what they do. If you are NOT reaching your fitness goals don’t you think it could be time to call in the professionals? I mean your time is too valuable, life is too short and gym memberships are too expensive to not be training in the gym smart!

Did you know that UFIT is offering FREE UFIT sessions for the month of February to anyone that signs on to a Personal Training package with our new PT, June Tan! This is awesome value! Email us for more details below!

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