May 23, 2016

ABS, Do You Want Them?!

I know a lot of people desire, really, trulydesire that 6-pack! It can become obsessive, I’ve seen it and it’s particularly troublesome (and very amusing) for the narcissist. You know that guy or girl that lives his or her life reading magazines like Muscle & Fiction or it’s sister magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers….did I say Muscle & Fitness Hers oh I meant Muscle & Fiction Hers….lol I saw a guy I know refer to that muscle magazine of ALL muscle magazines as Muscle & Fiction, I just love that name 

I know Arnie wouldn’t, nor would Chief Science Writer for M&F Jim Stoppani who I heard speak in Thailand recently. As I said at the time, Jim either dumbed-down the information he was imparting so we could understand it (thereby assuming that we were at a very, very low level of intellect) or he has someone of reasonable intelligence doing a lot of writing for him back home……but generally confirming long-held suspicions re the quality of material mainstream muscle mags contain.


Ab’s… goes back to the old question, do you train like a bodybuilder or do you want to train like an athlete and benefit from the body that style of training provides?

How many times I see some fellow in the gym, wander into the warmup area when I’m, well, doing my warmup and look for some space, find a ball and do some crunches. You know about 10 or so, wander around a bit, come back and do 10 more and then maybe a third set and then up and leave. Session ended. He must be thinking, “oohhhhh, edging nearer to that 6-pack with those 3 minutes of ab’s I’ve been doing for 2 years now. Can’t WAIT!! I’ll be looking just like that guy on the cover (above, if you hadn’t noticed…) of Muscle & Fiction way soon!!!”

I wonder about the judgement of some people. So you will do a workout in the gym for 50 minutes or so then come and do 3 minutes of abs and get a 6-pack? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….did I make my point?

For a start ab’s at the end of a session is by and large a waste of time. The abdominal muscles, primarily the abdominus rectus and the external obliques are part of the “core”, that area of the body that is so, sooooo misunderstood. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again if need be), take away arms and legs (and the head) and what is left is your core. The whole lot, so in old language your torso. So it’s more than your abs and lower back muscles and as such must be treated a whole lot differently.

How do you really work the core (and by default your abs)? You start at the beginningof the workout and you activate the core then and there! By engaging, or switching ON the muscles, bones and connective tissues of the core at the start of the session and then you proceed through a proper workout, for that check out our video section, one that treats the body as a single, working unit, your core will work like mad for the whole session! You can’t fail to start seeing your desired 6-pack.

Well if you eat right as well……there’s always a catch lol  I am forever amused at people who tell me they work their abs like crazy, do all the right things in the gym (hmmmm) but as they smash down the burger and fries whilst swilling a few beers, tell me, NOTHING seems to work???

Ok so there’s room in the diets for a burger and beers occasionally but if you’re eating that way 2/3 times a week, see you later Teddy Bear! But this post isn’t about food…..

this post is about getting the 6-Pack –

Activate your core at the beginning of a workout; lifting needs to be done with Olympic-style lifts; heavy weights, low reps; work with intensity. Not sure about some of this stuff, talk to me!!

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