August 3, 2018

Not all personal trainers are the same: 5 reasons that make the difference

In this modern day and age where there is no lack of information on the internet for tips and advice on nutrition and fitness training, you often find yourselves overwhelmed with a barrage of information. While having access to more knowledge and information helps us to make better informed decisions, it gets harder to discern which information source is reliable, and where to start from. 

Be it to lose belly fat, achieve a new personal best squat weight, or training for an upcoming competition, you want to be able to reach your goals faster, in the most effective way. Since no two persons are built the same, there is also no one-size-fits-all training program that you can simply download off the internet. If you think engaging a personal trainer is unnecessary if you already know the ins-and-outs around the gym, then think again. Here are my top 5 reasons why training with the right personal trainer can give you results beyond your expectations.




A common problem with the “exercise programs” you download off the internet is the lack of commitment after a couple weeks into the program. For many people, it becomes easy to skip a planned training session when you're feeling tired or simply "don't feel like it" if there is no one waiting for you at the gym. When clients work with me, I’m holding them accountable for every session that they’ve committed to. In this way, we are partners in their fitness journey, and we are both working towards their fitness goals together.



Individualised Training Program

What works and motivates one person, may not work for another. When it comes to creating an exercise program, I always keep my clients' fitness goals and technical abilities in mind when building their personalised training program. In the first couple of training sessions, I put them through a range of movements and exercises to assess their strengths, and take note of their weaknesses. No two persons are the same. The same goes for the best training program to bring out their optimal potential.



Through my years of working as a personal trainer and coach, I’ve seen many people struggle to motivate themselves to stay committed to training, or to push themselves just a little bit further when the going gets tough. While training my clients I try my upmost best to keep them motivated throughout their training sessions and make sure they try do that little bit extra. You’d be surprised to see just how much of a difference a few “little bit extra’s” can make to your progress!

Specialised Knowledge

I have devoted a significant amount of years and my energy to become the best athlete and personal trainer I can be. Aside from learning from the best in the fitness industry from all over the world, I have also spent years training and competing successfully in multiple sports. My clients will have access to my years of accumulated specialised training knowledge and in-depth understanding of how the body moves, and learn to move better, faster, and stronger.

Training Smarter, not Harder

A professional personal trainer is able to effectively ‘make the most’ of your workout time. This can especially be beneficial if you have a limited (but realistic!) amount of time you’d like to reach your goals.

There are so many health and fitness fads out there, each claiming to be more effective than the other. Having a qualified personal trainer as your partner in your fitness journey who is in-tune with what works and what doesn't for your body, motivate you towards your goals, and teach you how to care for your body through proper training and nutrition is the best decision you can make for a lasting, positive lifestyle change!

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About the author

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Dylan Goddard is a qualified personal trainer and holds a National Certificate in Personal Training from the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT), United States.

With close to a decade in the fitness industry, Dylan's strength as a trainer is the ability to relate to his clients really well, and keep them motivated and accountable to the goals they have set out for themselves. Focusing on longevity is the most important personal fitness goal for Dylan. To be healthy, strong, and fit so that he can enjoy life to its fullest is what motivates him, and drives the work his do with his clients.

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