Regardless of the type of exercise you do, including strength training in the mix is super-important. Apart from making you stronger and adding definition to your muscles for a more toned and fit-looking body, it offers so much more:

  1. Burns alot of calories
  2. Revs up your metabolism
  3. Helps with disease prevention
  4. Protects your bone health and muscle mass 
  5. Improves your balance and coordination, posture and flexibility 
  6. Elevates your endorphins, boosts energy levels and improves your mood
  7. Strengthens your bones and muscles to improve your mobility and prevent injury
  8. Helps with your performance at bootcamps, running and other activities like skiing
  9. For competitive athletes it cross-trains the body and helps you race longer and more comfortably.

Some strength training targets your core muscles which underpin everything you do, whilst others focus on very specific muscles of the body. It's been said that the three pillars of great fitness are strength, endurance and mobility, and when you combine your strength work with activities like running, cycling, bootcamps and yoga you've got all you need to be in fantastic health and shape right there.

We figured a great person to give their perspective on strength training would be CrossFit athlete, coach and Personal Trainer Adam Ransley at UFIT Tanjong Pagar. For a CrossFit athlete, correct form and effective training with weights and strength work is essential to be successful in the game. 

Here Adam demonstrates six of his classic strength moves that can be done whether you're a bootcamper who is new to using weights, a regular lifter or a CrossFit athlete. 

Remember that with strength training your muscles need time to recover, and you should warm up and cool down after training. And importantly, get some personalised advice on the type of weights and number of repetitions to make the best and safest progress.


ADAM's six CLASSIC strength training moves


1. The Power Clean - 

Olympic weightlifting is a fantastic way to develop explosive strength, muscle mass and power. Viewed as a shoulder workout the clean also builds muscle development in the legs, lats and overall posterior chain.

2. Front squats

work several major muscle groups whilst enhancing your core strength and improving flexibility. Muscle building and strengthening the lower body is the key benefit of a barbell front squat.

3. Sumo deadlift highpulls 

help you develop power in the posterior chain, strengthening the hamstrings, glutes, lower back and upper back. 

4. Sandbag carries

are a full body exercise and highly functional for everyday use. Sandbag carries restore performance in a basic skill of daily living whilst enhancing strength, core stability and work capacity.

5. Prowler sprints - s

hort duration, high intensity prowler sprints in intervals improves your anaerobic capacity whist building power and explosive strength in your legs.

6. Weighted bear crawls  engage the entire body, strengthening hips and core muscles. Bear crawls help connect the lower and upper body whilst increasing overall power. Adam is nailing it here with 220kg, though this weight is not for everyone and we recommend your trainer helps you choose the right weight for you!

Because everyone is different, a UFIT personal trainer can work out the most effective and safe strength training program for you - based on your goals and strength capabilities - and the best way for that to fit into your current fitness routine and lifestyle.  

CrossFit Tanjong Pagar are running their August Assault strength challenge on 26 August if you fancy trying some of these movements and more with the awesome community there. All are invited, there are plenty of prizes to be won and lots of fun to have - just click here to let us know you're coming.

If you're new to strength training with UFIT, come and do a free trial in any of our five gyms at CrossFit Tanjong Pagar - or at Amoy Street, Orchard Road, one-north or outdoors at Bukit Timah.