How a Personal Trainer can take you further

Here are my five top reasons as to why working out with a personal trainer is just about the BEST thing you can do!

1. Accountability

I’d have to rate accountability as the top benefit of working with a personal trainer.

A common problem with regards to “exercise programs” off the internet etc. is the lack of commitment that I’ve seen people display after a couple weeks into the program.

For most people, it’s easy for them to skip their planned session if there’s no one waiting at the gym for them. When clients work with me I’m holding them accountable for every session they’ve committed to, this way, we are partners in their fitness journey and we are both working towards their fitness goals.

2. Individualised Program

What works, and motivates one person, may not work for another. So when it comes to choosing an exercise program - I keep my client’s fitness goals in mind when creating their personalised training program.

During the first few sessions – I gather information and assess both my client’s technical ability as well as goals. Combining this information with my knowledge – I aim to create an effective training program.

3. Motivation

Through the years working as a personal trainer and coach, I’ve seen MANY people struggling to motivate themselves to either get to the gym or to push themselves just that little bit extra.

While training my clients I try my upmost best to keep them motivated throughout their training sessions and make sure they try do that little bit extra.

You’d be surprised to see how much of a difference a few “little bit extra’s” can make!

4. Knowledge

As a client you will also have the opportunity to learn more about the human body and how to effectively move. You would also be able to tap into a wealth of knowledge surrounding nutrition, supplementation and health matters.

5. Training Smarter, not Harder

A professional personal trainer is able to effectively ‘make the most’ of your workout time. This can especially be beneficial if you have a limited (but realistic!) amount of time you’d like to reach your goals.

As everyone knows, there are a number of health & fitness fads out there. Having a personal trainer as your partner in your fitness journey, guides you towards your goals and teaches you how to care for your body through proper training and nutrition.

About the author

Dylan is a qualified personal trainer and holds a National Certificate in Personal Training from the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT), United States. HE joined the CrossFit Community and hopes to inspire and motivate his team and people in this way of training and living out a healthy, full lifestyle. 

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