What To Do When You Hit a Plateau | UFIT Fitness

Find out how to push past your plateau when it comes to your training!


It's simple! Rededicate your training, set yourself new goals, increase your weights and reps to take your training to the next level. Your fitness doesn't change over night, but you should start to see improvements within the first 2-4 weeks. Here are some things that can help you change up your training...


Mixing Bootcamps

Each week try to do different types of Bootcamps for variety and different challenges - in one week you can get a complete all-over workout doing the following:

FIT, FIT MAX, FIT BODYWEIGHT, FIT ELITE at Fort Canning - stairs and hills challenges
Tanjong Beach Club - running in sand without shoes
HIITFIT - strength and running
SHEFIT - fitness and toning
BOXFIT - upper body and stamina
RUNFIT - fast short distance
YOGAFIT - relax, unwind, stretch and build your core

If you repeat these every week not only will you get better at them, but you will be pushing different parts of your body. More importantly if you give 100% at each class you will naturally see the results quicker. That being said make sure you're getting your rest days in between classes.


Change things around

That said, if something still isn't working just have a break from a class or try a different location or trainer. Some of our coaches will push you harder, don't avoid them - you will get the results you're after.


If you find something you love, do more

If you've found the best way of training for you and you want to do more than other types then continue with that. It can be anything from Bootcamps to our CrossFit, to our Personal Training. Each area will help you to reach your goals in different timeframes. If you feel like you're plateauing then seek assistance from one of our coaches to guide you on how to take it to the next level.


Know that no matter what you do, you are getting fitter and leaner

Sometimes we feel we work hard but aren't getting anywhere. The great thing is that with every single workout we are getting fitter and stronger and faster and burning those calories! That's what gets us out of bed in the morning!


Simple exercise while I'm away to stay fit

Are you travelling this summer? Do not fear, most hotels will have gym facilities or pools to keep you active over your break. You can pack light and include your skipping rope and resistance bands to maintain your fitness! remember Lisa saying once that when you go away pack your skipping rope which was great advice! While it's not the same as bootcamp or personal training, it'll still keep you fit. They say you can have a break for two weeks and retain your fitness levels - and if it's longer than that it doesn't take long to get back into it again.

Talk to your trainer

When you're finding it hard to stay motivated or had to go away it's always good to talk to your personal trainer and bootcamp trainer for tips on what to do - whether it's refocusing on something in particular or what to do during a break.

See a personal trainer to get you on track

They are specialists who can advise you on what to do next - based on your own personal circumstances. They can work with you on areas you want to improve on, or focus on, and how to be efficient with the time you spend on your training. They can suggest exercises that you never thought you needed but that actually help improve your strength and overall fitness. They can also help you prevent injury by showing you correct form and doing things properly. 

UFIT offers free trials on the first personal training sessions - then if you want to continue with the training they suggest your options - you can continue as it suits you. Personal Training usually comes with a high price tag, but this simply comes down to tailored and focused training on the individual, which is actually very efficient and brings great results quickly. 


Have fun with your bootcamp buddies

Most importantly fitness should be built in as a way of life - when you're feeling flat and unmotivated don't turn off that alarm, head to your class and have fun with your friends! You can certainly count on that as an achievement for the day!


The importance of a Personal Trainer:

- Exercises are tailored to you - i.e. your needs, objectives and in line with any injuries/weaknesses
- They are being observed closely and shown correctness and perfect form - to prevent injury and to translate to correct posture in their everyday life and good form in other fitness activities
- Specific strengthening and stretching exercises to help with general fitness and mobility, and post injury
- Targeted exercises that require one one one coaching that may be difficult for a coach to cover in a group session. 
- Personal Training and Bootcamps complement each other. They each have an important role in a balanced and effective fitness strategy. By doing both together - or even Personal Training every once in a while - you can get optimal results. 



Brought to you by our very own UFIT Jacqui Browne, drawing from her own experiences!