May 18, 2021

#1Month1Goal - What is NEAT?

Did you know that one of the most effective weght loss tools is neat?

NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

The second week of May just passed! Check out the second part of our Wellness Video Series: Living Great, where our Personal Trainer, Will, shares the concept of 'Eat more, do more; Eat less, do less' whilst achieving the most out of your time. Will further shares his top 3 tips to accelerate your NEAT to aid with fat loss without exercise.

Check out what Will has to say!

Wellness Series - Will Foden

3 Tips to increase neat overtime

Pomodoro technique - breaking down work into intervals and taking short breaks in between

Incorporating activities that aren’t exercise related into your day

Scheduling time off so you can move more

Challenge of the week

For the second week of May, we have challenged you to complete three tasks, write them down and smash them by the end of the day! This could be as simple as creating a to-do list and setting reminders to complete them.  Diet is crucial in ensuring NEAT changes accordingly to your fitness goals. It's time to better manage your nutrition to burn those extra calories or maintain a healthy weight even without the physical effort. 


We've just launched our special price offer for Personal Training - take it outdoors or keep fit indoors with our top of the class Personal Trainers. With two conveniently located training areas -Savitar Tennis Centre and Tanglin Rugby Club, alongside UFIT's world-class client experience, don't miss out on our limited time offer!  Head over to our UFIT Outdoor Personal Training page to find out more! 


growing up strong

With the upcoming school holidays in June and July, why not keep your kids active with our newly launched Rugby Camps? A training program specifically designed for growing adolescents aged 11-15, to explore the rules of the game and dive head in to play the sport itself. Furthermore, we have also launched a fundamental movement skills class just for children from 4 to 6 years of age. Check out our UFIT Sports for Life camps for more details.


Together we can ignite greatness!



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