May 25, 2021

#1Month1Goal - Are you getting enough sleep?


But, why do we still sacrifice good quality sleep?

We're now three weeks into the month of May! Check out the third part of our Wellness Video Series: Living Great on Sleep and recovery! We were honored to have Damien Fitzpatrick, founder of Bondi Vite and partner of UFIT, share his top three tips to sleep like a baby at night despite having a busy and hectic work schedule.

Damien, take it away!

Wellness Series - Damien Fitzpatrick

3 Tips to have Better Sleep at Night

Have a sleep schedule in place

Cool down your body to an optimal temperature to sleep at 18.3°C

Set a proper sleep routine before heading off to bed

Challenge of the week

This week, we are challenging you to set a manageable bedtime routine and stick to it! It's great to start small - set your bedtime and head to bed at the same time daily, leave your electronics alone and pick up a nighttime read or even listen to soothing music. Wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to slay the day! Your body will thank you for it, and your work productivity and energy levels will also get a boost!

Business  as usual

Fantastic news! We've been given the green light to continue PhysiotherapyOsteopathyReformer PilatesNutrition and Indoor Matwork Pilates Classes. Adhering to the required precautionary measures, UFIT strives to keep our clients and employees safe, while continuing to be an integral part of your journey to recovery. Maximize the upcoming weeks by taking control of your health and bounce back from this pandemic stronger than ever!


No gym? No pROBLEM! 

With gyms closed, how about working out from home instead? Fret not - we've got you covered! Our best-in-class coaches are running high-intensity (Burn & HIIT) and low-intensity (Build & Yoga) classes to keep you moving and grooving during this period. Get your first class free below! 


Together we can ignite greatness!

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